Collateral requirement for automotive importer and dealer

Individual importers and taxpayers in the position of their dealers in the automotive sector will have to provide a guarantee of 66 million liras in order to import.

The “Tax Method Law General Communiqué” of the Revenue Management Department of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance was published in the Official Gazette.

With the Communiqué, the methods and foundations of the Ministry’s authority to obtain collateral from taxpayers engaged in motor vehicle trade, which is defined within the scope of the relevant law, were determined.

In this context, individual importer taxpayers and their dealers, who do not qualify as distributors of a certain vehicle brand, were included in the scope of the guarantee application. The taxpayers within the scope will have to give a guarantee of 66 million TL in order to be able to import.

Minimum 5 million TL paid-in capital requirement

On the other hand, with the same notification, the rules that individual importer taxpayers must carry in order to obtain the required document in order to be able to process without paying special consumption tax in imports were also determined.

Accordingly, these importers will have to have a paid-in capital of 5 million liras, have been engaged in the motor vehicle trade for at least three calendar years before the date of application for the document, and employ a minimum of five laborers or workers.

The criteria for the importers not to have been determined that forged/misleading documents have been used/arranged in the last 5 years before the document request date, or that an act or import process has been submitted to the named authorities with the opinion that a named process should be made by the customs administrations, and that they do not have tax debts with the prestige of the document request date. They will need to be transported.

surety bond can be collateral

Taxpayers who are obliged to provide collateral will be able to give money, indefinite and unconditional letters of guarantee given by banks, indefinite and unconditional surety bonds given by insurance companies, government domestic debt securities or documents issued instead of these securities as collateral.

There is no guarantee obligation for the distributors who are authorized to distribute and sell the motor vehicles of the relevant vehicle brand within the scope of the written contracts they have made with the motor vehicle manufacturers or their dealers within the scope of distributorship.

The Communiqué will enter into force at the beginning of next month.