Commercial vehicle sales in Europe fell in 2022

Total sales in the European Union (EU) commercial vehicle market fell by 14.6 percent last year due to supply difficulties.

The European Car Manufacturers Association (ACEA) has announced the new commercial vehicle registration information of EU countries for 2022.

Accordingly, new commercial vehicle registrations in the EU decreased by 14.6% compared to the previous year, to 1 million 606 thousand 804, as a result of supply problems last year.

In the middle of EU countries, commercial vehicle sales in 2022 decreased by 17.7 percent in France, 16.7 percent in Spain, 11 percent in Germany and 10.5 percent in Italy compared to the previous year.

In the middle of the 27 EU member states, France had the highest number of new commercial vehicles last year. In this period, 397 thousand 519 commercial vehicles were registered in France, 312 thousand 391 in Germany, 189 thousand 690 in Italy and 145 thousand 417 in Spain.

New commercial vehicle registrations in the EU decreased by 5.1 percent in December compared to the same period of the previous year and became 148 thousand 149.

Thus, total commercial vehicle sales in the EU declined on an annual basis in every month of the last year.