Companies Claiming Celsius Assets Attract Attention

According to information leaked by Tiffany Fong, Binance and Galaxy Digital are among the five companies claiming Celsius assets.

Tiffany FongCelsius is among five companies claiming assets, according to information leaked by Binanceand Galaxy digitalis also included.

It is one of the important events of the crypto money market. Celsius bankruptcy has been continuing the legal processes for a long time. The collapsed company has been trying hard to find a solution for a long time. Celsius The fate of ‘s assets is also among the topics of interest. Crypto blogger Tiffany Fongassets of the bankrupt company Binanceand Galaxy digitalHe claimed that important names such as

Binance and Galaxy Digital Hook to Celsius Assets

Celsius stays on target with legal processes and asset sale status. crypto writer Tiffany Fonginformation leaked by Celsius Binane, including Bank To The Future and Galaxy DigitalHe stated that five important companies are aspirants.

A follower of Celsius developments and Fong, who became famous for his interview with SBF leaked the information he claimed to have received on December 20. In a post, Fong stated that he was in no hurry to leak this information so as not to disrupt the bidding process. In addition, Fong underlined that he has been waiting since December because he is also considering customer returns.

The companies alleged to be claiming the assets of the bankrupt crypto organization are as follows;

  • Binance
  • Galaxy Digital
  • Bank To The Future
  • CumberlandDRW
  • NovaWulf