Compass Mining Facing $2M Litigation

Bitcoin (BTC) mining company Compass Mining has been sued for not returning customers’ Bitcoin mining equipment.

Bitcoin ( BTC) mining company Compass mining, owned by customers bitcoinwas sued for not returning mining equipment.

Especially in the last few months, there has been a serious increase in the number of legal processes on the crypto industry. FTX The period, which started with the destruction caused by the bankruptcy, brings lawsuits against the crypto industry one after another. Finally bitcoinmining company Compass mining, Bit RiverHe became a lawsuit after he ended his operations with the company.

Compass Mining Sued By Its Customers

bitcoinmining company Compass mining, 2 million faced a dollar lawsuit. Customers who suffered as a result of the company’s operations filed a lawsuit against the mining company.

Customers are the mining company’s Russian hosting company. Bit Riveraffected by the suspension of operations. Compass mining, this decision to stop the operation As a result of US sanctionsstated that he did.

Compass Mining‘s customers, Bit River‘of Russia He delivered the mining equipment to the company to house in its facilities in . However, the operations Compassmining equipment belonging to its customers about not returningwas sued.

January 17According to a court document filed in Compass miningciting the sanctions of Bit River It turned out that he ended his agreements and relations with Following this decision, the company allegedly did not return their equipment to its customers.