Competition approval for the time of Esenboğa enterprise to TAV

The Competition Board decided to approve some takeover processes, including the division of the operation of Esenboğa Airport to TAV Holding.

The Competition Board decided to approve certain acquisition processes.

According to the announcement on the Competition Authority’s website, Esenboğa Airport was allowed to be taken over by TAV Airports Holding A.

TAV, which had the right to operate until May 2025, extended the operating rights of Esenboğa Airport until 2050. It was announced that TAV won the tender held for the development of the capacity of Esenboğa Airport and the 25-year operation right, with the participation of Cengiz İnşaat and Limak İnşaat-Limak Power subsidiaries, with 475 million eruo plus VAT.

Approval for the phase of Turan Teknoloji

It has been decided that the sale of Akın Çorap Commercial and Economic Integrity to Aydınlı Moda Dokumacılık Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF) Council is not within the scope.

It was deemed appropriate to allow the process of taking over a part of Turan Teknoloji AŞ by Birlede Payment Services and Elektronik Para AŞ through an emission premium capital increase.