Complementary Medicine Specialist Dr. January: “Medical Nutrition is an Art”

Specialist in Classical and Complementary Medicine, Dr. Gökhan Ocak was the guest of Journalist-Author Erkan Doğan in the Health Arena Program on Can Radio. mainstream medicine

A specialist in Traditional and Complementary Medicine, Dr. Gökhan Ocak was the guest of Journalist-Author Erkan Doğan in the Health Arena Program on Can Radio. In the publication, which started with the topic of mainstream medicine, a lot of information about complementary medicine was shared. Noting that it is also called alternative medicine in the middle of the public about mainstream medicine, Dr. Ocak said, “Mainstream medicine is mostly diagnostic-oriented. Diagnostic algorithms are created. When the diagnosis is reached, the problem is completed. The treatment protocol is prepared and the patient is followed up. Mainstream medicine is successful in acute diseases. However, unfortunately, successful results cannot be obtained in chronic, chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are diseases that are continuous as diseases that develop in the body due to many reasons. These are diseases that are increasing day by day. Holistic medicine, on the other hand, is not diagnostic-oriented. From our point of view, we look for answers to the questions of what is happening and why.”

“Where your weak link is, the chain breaks”

Stating that after the holistic, functional and classical medicine law was enacted in Turkey, awareness on this issue began to increase, Dr. Ocak spoke as follows: “Physicians who are interested in this issue have also started to increase. However, it is still not fully settled on the agenda of mainstream medicine. We have seven or eight years of familiarity with betting from a holistic medicine perspective. Body pool is about a glass. And this glass can be a little filled with genetic codes from mom and dad. Our genetic predispositions do not make us sick. Then, feeding errors begin from infancy. Drop by drop, these mistakes fill the glass. And the toxin exposure that none of us can escape begins. The glass overflows. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and migraine begin. Where your weak link is, the chain breaks and you get that disease. Our aim is to empty the glass. Regulating nutrition is our primary goal. When the diet is regulated, we also ensure the removal of toxins, as we run the detox mechanisms, including emotional loads.”

What is medical nutrition?

Talking about the concept of medical nutrition in holistic and complementary medicine, Dr. Gökhan Ocak said, “We are what we eat. In order for us to have a well-functioning body in our body, we need to send a solid enough raw material. In this context, I define medical nutrition as eating real food in real ways with real methods. It wouldn’t be wrong to even call it art,” he said.

Start by changing your habits!

“Nutrition is very in touch with our senses. Continuing his explanations on medical nutrition by saying that it is a very relevant issue with our emotional burdens and stuck burdens, Ocak said, “We first create an awareness in individuals. We talk to him about the reasons that filled this glass. First of all, the person needs to be aware of his feelings. He has to want to change them after realizing it. In this middle, we both touch their feelings and make progress in terms of nutrition.”

What is the right food?

Saying that the right food is low in calories and high in food costs, Dr. Gökhan Ocak said: “The foods that saturate the cells are the right foods. You can fill your stomach, but you cannot fill the cells. We talk about natural and live food to our patients. If you do not have a food 100 years ago, do not eat it. Fig dates existed 400 years ago, but refined sugar, white flour was a food that did not exist 100 years ago. We want it to be organic. If the demand is high, the supply of organic food will also come. We recommend healthy vegetable and animal oils. We recommend oils such as plain oils, cold-pressed olive oils, coconut oil. Fermented foods, kefir, household yogurt, kombucha, vinegar-free cabbage and beet pickles. Naturally grown animal meats. Sheep and goat meat is very valuable to us. We do not recommend veal, it is usually grown on the farm. Therefore, we do not recommend it. The calf eats the feed filled with many synthetic nutrients, but the goat is fed naturally. We should also stay away from foods with fabrication additives. We should stay away from foods that have an expiration date. We should also be careful about fish containing heavy metals. We should stay away from foods such as mussels as ground animals. In medical nutrition, we recommend small fish every 3 weeks. Sardines are like butts…”

Should we not eat mussels at all?

There may be more heavy metals in the mussels coming out of İzmir Bay due to the large amount of waste and the limited drainage. Pointing out that heavy metals are stored in living things such as mussels and big fish and become organic, Ocak said, “We should avoid the risk of heavy metals in marine artifacts. We recommend small fish for omega 3 source and fish with less heavy metal accumulation. We should stay away from carbonated drinks, roasted cookies, sugar and refined sugar, and refined foods. We recommend early harvest cold pressed olive oil. It is an oil that we use even in treatment.”

We got the right food, so when should we consume it?

Expert in integrative medicine, Dr. Gökhan Ocak continued his explanations with information about feeding times: “We got the right food, but when and how will we eat it. When will we consume the food? We recommend consuming vegetables and fruits on time. The hours we eat are very valuable. if you can delay lunch in medical nutrition, we can stop feeding there around 16-17.00. After dinner, something should not be snacked. We recommend medicinal teas two hours after a meal. Medicinal teas that contribute to sleep can be consumed. Water should not be drunk in the middle of the meal. It will be better if you put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in the middle of the meal for a maximum of one glass. I can recommend spicy turnip juice, which is the best thing to drink in the middle of a meal. You can also put some apple cider vinegar in it. They can apply this offer, especially when consuming protein foods. What we mean by wrong time is a situation that we do not accept to eat frequently. If possible, we recommend eating two meals a day. We recommend a time-independent diet. We should eat when we are hungry. We must taste the feeling of hunger. The feeling of hunger is a condition created by the hormones that bind us to life. We recommend fasting for at least five hours in the middle of two meals. The body should not always receive nutrients, the body does not need nutrients. But if you feel hunger, you can take a diaphragm breath for 3-4 minutes and drink two glasses of alkaline water.”

How is alkaline water made?

Saying that alkaline water is an antioxidant water, Dr. Ocak said, “Alkaline water can be produced with devices that clean free radicals in oxygen. It should be drunk half an hour before a meal, two hours after a meal. I say don’t have breakfast if you’re not hungry before going to school. The morning breakfast is a dried fruit and an unroasted walnut, and a few chickpeas. If you wake up early, you can have a hungry breakfast. You can drink smoothies. It is very healthy and nutritious. In medical nutrition, we recommend these smoothies for breakfast or even dinner. Or you can drink a soup and eat plenty of greens. Greenery is very valuable to us. We recommend a salad with olive oil and vinegar.”

Bad news for barbecues!

The more you burn the foods, the more they start to become cancerous, said Dr. Gökhan Ocak said, “We recommend steam cooking or cooking in casseroles, the healthiest way of cooking in medical nutrition. We can’t do everything great. Our offer to patients in medical nutrition is that if you eat a pollutant, eat the cleaner with it. Don’t just stay with the pollutant. You ate roast and meat. A burnt body and plenty of protein create free radicals in our bodies. The cleaner for this is to eat salads in rainbow colors. We recommend that they eat salad 3 times the meal. We recommend 2-3 meatballs, not 7-8 meatballs. 1 egg meets our daily animal food needs”.

How much should the measure be in proper nutrition?

“We should not bring sugar and proteins together in meals. If possible, we should eat only one kind of food. The more you increase the variety, the more inconvenient it is. Chickpeas, rice, salad are nice. You will eat 3 times the rice you will eat with the salad. We recommend healthy bulgur, whole wheat bulgur. We do not recommend a completely gluten-free diet, it is not very harmful if correct gluten is used. If you do not have a random allergic condition, Dr. Ocak said, “If the correct measure is, we will eat in moderation. We have to sit and wake up hungry. We have mitochondria in our body. These are the powerhouses of our body. One-third of our stomach should remain empty. I make purple orange and green smoothies in the morning. I can give the definition of green smoothie. Let’s add sour green apple, parsley, spinach, chard to a handful, chia or flax seeds, unroasted walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts, black seed oil, household vinegar and cold-pressed olive oil in a blender and add some alkaline water. Fresh ginger, sumac, hot chili pepper, a little rock salt and lemon can be added to it. A delicious drink with the consistency of ayran is obtained. Purple vegetables can be preferred. They can also be made with sweet zucchini and carrots with beets. It is low in calories and very high in nutrients. I usually consume it as breakfast in the morning. If they are late for dinner, I recommend them to consume smoothies.” (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)