Crisis in the famous game company: Employees were imprisoned!

Tencent faces jail time for its corrupt employees. More than 100 people were fired from the company.

Chinese tech giant of Tencent Holdings Some employees face jail time. The company has fired more than 100 employees for alleged fraud, corruption and embezzlement. He also reported more than 10 people to the police, and an employee found to have taken bribes was sentenced to three years in prison.

Tencent fires more than 100 employees for corruption

The waters do not stand still at Tencent, the world’s largest gaming company. The Chinese company, which had to make extraordinary decisions in the company and the board of directors, has recently fired more than 100 employees.

The company’s anti-corruption campaign revealed that in 2022 money laundering among employees is growing even more than in previous years. Tencent, which annually reports on corruption and fraud detected within the institution, stated that this figure reached the highest point in 2022.

Corruption in 2022 ranged from the company’s game studios to research teams. According to in-house sources, along with the News and Media content group employees Timiand lightspeedIncludes game studios.

Tencent CEO Pony Ma acknowledged that corruption within the company is critical. “The corruption involving some executives is truly shocking. “This year, Tencent has introduced digital capability to combat fraud by collecting internal refunds and data from external suppliers.”

The crises in Tencent Holdings were also the target of the Chinese government. Banned from publishing new games for 18 months, Tencent wants to end internal corruption with prison sentences. But even the company’s subsidiaries are embroiled in corruption.

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