Crypto Exchange Binance Releases 2022 Year-End Report

Crypto exchange Binance shared its 2022 year-end report with the public, in which he mentioned that it has made significant progress in terms of legislation and compliance.

Crypto exchange BinanceHe also mentioned that significant progress has been made in terms of legislation and harmonization. 2022shared its year-end report with the public.

In recent times, prominent Binance has left behind a year full of expansion and adaptation processes. The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has become the focus of attention of crypto investors with its billion-dollar volumes. Binance, 2022announced its report summarizing its work for the year. Binance BlogIt was stated in the report published in .

Binance Released A Wide-ranging Report on the Year 2022

Crypto exchange Binance In 2022, it came to the fore as the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure provider. Stock market last year produced a comprehensive report.

In the report, legislation and compliance processes were mentioned. About these processes the stock market, “As now and in the future, we see Binance on a solid foundation and in a financially healthy position. We are innovative, we listen to our users and we set an example” said.

Report published on Binance Blog mentioned the studies carried out by the stock exchange in 2022 and the developments in the sector. An announcement of the stock market drew attention. in the statement, “Even though some events that adversely affected our industry came one after another, we resisted them” statement was included. It was also stated that Binance’s blockchain ecosystem is focused on improving and facilitating people’s lives.

Binance Spent 2022 with Licenses and Registries

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance, until the end of 2022 announced that it has obtained the necessary licenses, registrations and approvals in 14 regions.In addition, the exchange did not hesitate to act in partnership with regulators and public authorities over the past year.

Binance, which includes important names from the industry, managed to increase the number of employees in the security and compliance team by 500 percent. Working hard on security, the exchange has held more than 70 workshops on the fight against digital financial crimes. In addition, the stock market, from law enforcement agencies It also processed more than 47 thousand requests.

The report states that Binance’s National Alliance for Cyber ​​Forensics and Education ( NCFTA ) is the first blockchain and crypto startup to join. Also popular exchange, authentication ( KYC) has also made significant improvements.

Binance Increases SAFU Value to $1 Billion Again

Binance worked hard to rebuild confidence in the industry after bankruptcies and collapse scenarios in the industry. The report, which also touched upon this issue, included the following statements;

“Our CEO and founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ) published a six-principle paper to offer a way for centralized crypto exchanges to regain the trust of users and regulators. Leading the transparency movement, we have launched a proof-of-reserve (PoR) system that anyone can use to verify that user funds are held 1:1 on Binance, in addition to a proof of collateral for all tokens indexed to the Binance Bridge. To protect our 128 million users in an emergency, we have increased the value of our Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) to $1 billion again.”

Binance Addresses Employment Growth and 2023 Progress

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Binancein hundreds of different countries He stated that the total number of employees exceeded 7 thousand 500. . The growing and expanding stock market is within the scope of sector development initiatives. spent $1 billion . Binance pays these contributions. He also pledged to raise it to $2 billion.

Also, Binance It has invested more than $500 million to support Web3 and blockchain development through Binance Labs.In addition to 14 strategic M&A deals, it has also approved or finalized 61 token venture deals.

The report also states that Binance’s response to events in Ukraine It was announced that he donated 10 million BUSD . The stock market is the first of its kind. Binance launches Refugee Crypto Cardincluding the Binance Charity Foundation ( BCFHe stated that the work carried out through