Dalaman Municipality Leader Karakuş Talked to BSHA About Midwife SS

Midwife SS, who was on duty in the delivery room at Dalaman State Hospital, did not show special attention to the relatives of Dalaman Municipality Leader Muhammet Karakuş.

It was claimed that the place of duty was changed on the grounds that Midwife SS, who was on duty in the delivery room of Dalaman State Hospital, did not show special attention to the relatives of Dalaman Municipality Leader Muhammet Karakuş. Answering the questions of the Bilim Sıhhat News Agency (BSHA) about the issue that is on the agenda in the social media, Lider Karakuş said that the allegations about him were baseless and that he never went to the state hospital using the label.

“I Don’t Go To The Hospital Using My President’s Label”

The Mayor made harsh statements about the arguments about Karakuş. Leader Karakuş, who is held responsible by the Turkish Health-Sen and Saha-Der for the issues such as the Provincial Health Directorate’s investigation against the midwife, the change of her place of duty, the failure to return the midwife to her former mission despite the completion of the investigation, said, “The union Did you tell your leader that the Midwife should come and apologize to me?” answered our question. Karakuş continued his statements as follows: “Is a municipality leader enough to apply mobbing and send a midwife? They are completely baseless assertions. Can a health officer doing his mission do such a thing because a municipal leader did not take care of his relatives? I never went to the state hospital using my tag. These scumbags are only trying to save themselves by being rude. No office holder would ever do such a thing to a healthcare professional who does his duty.”


Does the midwife have to show interest?

BSHA’s “Did your relative complain that the midwife did not show interest?” To the question, Mayor of Municipality Karakuş said, “It means that there was a problem there and a complaint was filed. If there is such a thing, the state does the job of complaining. There is no analysis by writing from Twitter on social media. What do the Union Leader, Health Manager, Chief Physician do?” said.

“I Didn’t Say You Should Apologize”

Turkish Health-Sen Municipality Leader Mehmet Uğur and Municipality Leader Karakuş said to him, “Midwife SS has a mistake, he should make up for it. Let him come and apologize to me,” said Leader Karakuş, who responded as follows: “I met him personally in the evening. I explained to Mr. Mehmet that this incident has nothing to do with me in the future. I didn’t say anything so that the midwife would come and apologize to me. It is purely an analysis they do to justify themselves, nothing else. We are trying to do our job. Some people are looking for a cure from here and there on twitter because they do not do their duty. That’s what I will say. Why should the midwife apologize to me, am I the health manager of this place? Am I the chief physician? Am I a Hospital Manager or a Head Nurse? Is it the truth?”

“She Asks For Help When She Needs It But…”

Stating that Midwife SS had met with him as the Mayor of the Municipality due to his gloom before, Karakuş said, “Did this Midwife friend come to the Dalaman Municipality Leader before and tell her about her grief or not? We ask you to find the assay. We do not give instructions, we only ask the person concerned in the institution. When they come and ask us for help, nothing happens, but when we go through an investigation, are we at fault? I don’t know if there is a change of place or what is done. The process has nothing to do with me. The evil man becomes the mayor of the municipality,” he said.

“Am I Responsible Because My Relative Complained!”

Saying that the investigation about the midwife was opened by the Muğla Provincial Health Directorate and concluded, Mayor Karakuş said, “Being close to me is not a feature. Just because he’s close to me doesn’t mean he has a priority at the hospital. If there is a problem, a citizen can file a complaint. Now, because my relative complained, it turned to me. If the union they are affiliated with is not a union affiliated with the People’s Alliance, why are they saying such a thing? Out of desperation? The fact that I have a position here does not mean that I am in the business if a relative of mine complains. They want to find analysis for themselves by using me. There are no random grievances on my side against Union Leader Mehmet Bey. I said go see whoever you need to talk to. What can I say other than that?” he said.

Türk Sağlık-Sen Holds Mayor Responsible

Turkish Health-Sen Muğla Branch Leader Mehmet Uğur said in a statement to BSHA: “As the union, we first talked to Muğla Provincial Health Directorate after the SS was not returned despite the expiry of the assignment period. But we did not get any positive response. Thereupon, we had a meeting with the AK Party Muğla Province Presidency. After that, we talked to the Dalaman Municipality Leader by phone. We went to all authorities with proper intention. We couldn’t find an assay. The Mayor of the Municipality ‘Midwife SS’ has a fault, let him make up for his mistake. Come and apologize to me,” he said. I will forward it to our friend. It’s up to him to apologize or not. However, we will not call you for this matter from now on. Depending on the outcome of our friend’s petition, we will go to court. They will either terminate the assignment or we will file a lawsuit.”

Saha-Der: Inadequate Appointments Cause Mobbing!

which is the association of 33 years of midwife SS. Healthcare Professionals Rights and Effort Association made a statement emphasizing that the mobbing experienced by healthcare professionals is not only caused by patients and their relatives, but also by managers. Saha-Der pointed out that the decision of exile cannot be made according to the request of a municipal leader, and that if a public official commits a disciplinary misconduct, it can be acted according to the Disciplinary Regulation of the Ministry of Health. Emphasizing that “the cost of unqualified appointments in hospitals turns into mobbing for all healthcare workers”, the Association said, “The incompetence in the appointments of the administrators of the institution should be ended, and the administrators should be selected through objective examinations and transparently.” (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)