Decisions from the CMB to protect the personal investor

A team of CMB decided to defend the individual investor in public offerings.

Capital Markets Council (CMB), p Stating that in the first public offerings held in ten rounds, a low part of the amount demanded by the personal investors was met.took decisions to ensure that the demands of individual investors from the first public offerings are met more, and that free or private funds that have a limited number of investors or have a small number of investors who own a valuable part of the fund do not buy too many shares from the first public offering of shares, which may be against the individual investor.

According to this ; people Within the scope of the first public offering of the shares of unopened subsidiaries; s freelance and/or in title special In order to be considered as institutional investors, mutual funds with the phrase “The number of investors should not be less than 50” and “any investor should not own more than 20 percent of the total number of fund participation shares” conditions will have to be met somewhere. Free and/or private funds that do not meet these conditions will be rewarded as personal investors.

Change in institutional investor conditions

P Requests forwarded by the portfolio management companies on behalf of their customers with whom a personal portfolio management contract has been signed. will not be considered within the scope of institutional investor cluster.

50 million TL of the total active, which was previously considered within the scope of institutional investors, 90 percent of annual net revenue million TL 5 of its equity million TL on the criteria of at least two organizations are now will not be considered as an institutional investor.

before h During the first public offering of the shares of non-public affiliates, the market value of the shares offered to the public 100 million TL and underin case of “Exchange The amount in the decision on the implementation of the “Sales” system 250 million TL will be applied.