Democrat Health-Sen’s Suggestion to ‘Build Housing in Izmir City Hospital’

Democrat Health-Sen General Leader Togan Demircan, about the housing issues of health workers, which are quickly covered in the social media and press almost every day.

Democrat Health-Sen General Leader Togan Demircan made a statement to Bilim Sıhhat News Agency (BSHA) regarding the housing problems of health workers, which are quickly covered in the social media and press almost every day. Inviting the authorities to implement affordable housing projects for healthcare workers and civil servants through TOKİ, Demircan underlined that a housing project in the city hospital area planned to be opened in İzmir’s Çiğli District in February would be beneficial for healthcare professionals.

Izmir Bayrakli City Hospital

“How painful it is for a nurse to be homeless”

Speaking about the fact that civil servants were sentenced to the end of hunger after the increase in the number of civil servants, Demircan stated that at every opportunity they brought the demands for the restoration of the prestige of health workers and civil servants to the language, and said: We read news about the housing problems of healthcare workers on social media and in the press. The last time a nurse in Antalya tried to make her voice heard by saying that she was homeless, and that the owners of the houses wanted an official guarantor from the tenant. Many health workers, such as this nurse friend, are struggling with the same problems. What a sad situation, one of our sister sisters is homeless. If we say under today’s conditions, it is necessary to pay only 1 month’s rent, deposit and real estate agent’s money, from a minimum of 10 thousand TL to 30 thousand TL for housing rents for Antalya. Another deputy in the parliament said that civil servants do not want to work in metropolitan cities and especially in cities with tourism regions because they cannot afford the rental costs. How can a friend of ours who receives 17 thousand liras to live with 7 thousand liras when he gives 10 thousand liras to the house rent?”

Rental income is pushing healthcare workers!

“In the past, there was a lodging system in the state. Healthcare workers were benefiting from the advantages of affordable housing in a secure form inside the hospitals. Why not make a housing project for our healthcare workers around the city hospital in Çiğli, which will be implemented in İzmir by the Ministry of Health?” Democratic Health-Sen General Leader Togan Demircan said, “It will be beneficial for everyone to realize the possibility of 100 nurses who will work in the city hospital, which is close to the industrial zones such as Aliağa and Kemalpaşa, to live in a lodging built for them near the hospital or in low-budget residences.” said. Reminding that SSK hospitals in Turkey, the buildings used as lodgings for the Ministry of Health after his term were converted into polyclinic services, Demircan continued as follows: “Healthcare workers do not want to do missions in big cities because of the increasing rental income and the agony of renting out the majority of their salaries. Is it not possible to provide a lodging near the Izmir city hospital or housing built by TOKI with a budget? As Democratic Sıhhat Sen, we are calling out to the authorities in this regard.”

“We welcome demand collection surveys”

Stating that there was a survey conducted by the Human Resources unit of the İzmir Provincial Health Directorate regarding the city hospital in recent months, Togan Demircan said, “A demand collection study was carried out for healthcare workers who want to go to the institution. ‘Would you like to take a mission in Izmir City Hospital?’ form. We see this as valuable. We also know that there is an important demand. There are positive demands from Bornova, Çiğli and Karşıyaka regions, especially from young healthcare professionals. The assignments made with the original in this region are also costly for us. Why, because when city hospitals were first established, our friends living in Bayraklı, Buca, Karabağlar and Balçova were appointed ex officio. This caused the morale motivation of our healthcare workers to drop. At least, we believe that such a heart rate measurement is valuable in İzmir.” (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)