Description of the ‘second hand housing campaign’ from the Minister Institution

Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, said of the second-hand housing campaign, “We will work to strengthen the second hand. However, there is no concrete work at this stage.”

Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum answered the questions of the press after the Cabinet Meeting held yesterday at the Presidential Complex.

“Are the details of the second-hand housing campaign obvious?” To the question, the Authority said, “Our priority at the moment is to have a residence for our citizens who will buy their first house, on the one hand, and to increase the supply of new housing, employment and production on the other hand. In other words, to carry out all of them simultaneously. We will work to strengthen the second hand. However, at this level, There is no concrete work.” he replied.

When asked about the “increase in housing prices”, the Authority replied, “We said we would not allow this. While we were announcing the My New Housing Campaign, we explained the criteria for those who would buy their first home. We also said that we would establish a committee for the transparent and auditable operation of the whole process. We are establishing that committee.”

Stating that they will establish a committee consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, the Capital Markets Board (SPK), the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK), and valuation institutions, the Agency said, “This committee will carry out technical and financial control, “He will follow the prices determined by the companies, and the main criterion here will be the expertise reports. So whatever the price of the house he sold this month or the house he sold a week ago, it will be included in the campaign in line with that price,” he said.

“It will open the way for them to get credit”

“When will the second-hand housing campaign be implemented, is there a timetable?” On the question, the Authority said, “Do not expect anything in the short term, but we are working to become a second-hand basis in time.” used his words.

Reminding that they produced analyzes using all the tools at their disposal and brought a limitation on rent, the Institution said:

“We said we will be a support for low income people, we made a big campaign about low income. We said we will support middle income, we made a campaign suitable for the new financing model for individuals with middle income who will buy their first and new house. Here is 0.69, 2- up to 2 million. 0.79 in the middle of the 4, 0.99 in the middle of 4-5… Our priority here is the people who will buy their first house, the individuals who will buy their new house. However, this second hand should not be like the first house. Why? After all, the first house is the new house. In other words, we ensure that houses are built here, and on the other hand, we support the middle-income people who will buy their first house.

Therefore, a study to be carried out on second-hand or over-middle-income houses will not be based on one-to-one basis. In other words, we will not be able to apply the supplements to second-hand houses that we will apply to those who will buy their first house. But will it open up? But a campaign there or a loan interest boost, the Treasury’s reinforcement, the contractor’s reinforcement is not a job. Because there is no contractor there. On the other hand, we want to increase production, we want to guarantee it. This will open the way for them to get loans. They can’t right now. That’s actually the problem. As a result, we will work to strengthen the second hand over time.”