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Do not kill the battery just because we are going to charge the phone: Be careful when charging the phone!

Don’t kill the battery just because we’re going to charge the phone. Critical details to consider when charging the phone!

Smart phone They are one of the most indispensable parts of daily life. Thanks to these small smart boxes, every task can be handled easily with a single click. However, sometimes the critical mistakes we make can shorten the life of these devices. We can give examples of mistakes made while charging. So how should the smartphone be charged? Don’t kill the battery just because we’re going to charge the phone. Details to be considered while charging the phone!

Details to be considered while charging the phone

Smartphones start to wear out after a while. Usually the first problem breaks out on the battery side and various charging issues start to appear. However, making various mistakes while charging speeds up this process and greatly reduces the lifespan of the device.

The details to be considered while charging the phone are as follows;

Stay away from poor quality chargers

Phone charging methods

Recently, many smartphone manufacturers environmentalism He started to take out the chargers from the boxes under his name. Especially flagship This situation, which is more common in models, has led some users to turn to poor quality or sub-industry chargers. Such poor quality -under the stairs- products, which are often preferred due to the high price tag of original chargers, cause the life of your phone’s battery to wear out faster than normal. For this reason, it is useful to always use original chargers and cables, thinking in the long term.

Low charge your phone – Phone charging methods

It may sound strange, but this is a scientific fact. The more batteries in smartphones are charged, the more they wear out. Charging from 0 percent to 100 percent deducts one cycle from battery life, while charging from 0 percent to 80 percent does this. quarter of it decreases. If 80 percent isn’t enough for you at least 90 percent don’t pass. Doing this is a long-term solution, try to get used to this routine if you’ve just had your battery replaced or bought a new phone. Apps like AccuBattery can help you track this.

Stay away from applications and processes that will force the phone while charging

Smartphones must be below a certain temperature level during charging. Of course, at this point, it would be wrong to say that you do not use the phone while charging, but doing things that force the device, such as playing games, in this process may cause the temperature to increase and damage the components in the long run. At least avoid applications that demand high performance. This will be an important precaution for the health of your device.

Pay attention to the use of powerbank

Phone charging methods

In fact, this is the quality we mentioned above. chargers category, but we also wanted to underline it. The use of powerbank is very common all over the world, including our country, and it can be life-saving especially in cases where it is not possible to charge the phone with a charger. However, it is absolutely necessary to stay away from the poor quality and sub-industry ones of these devices. Both for your phone’s battery health and most importantly for your own health. Because powerbanks, whose reliability is questionable and do not pass the necessary inspections, can explode. Therefore, it will be very useful to choose well-known and reliable brands.

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