Doctors, Teachers, Health Workers Leave Jobs

Physicians, public employees and laborers are getting ready to quit work with the joint decision of their associations, unions and confederations. Health,

After the increases announced by the AKP government of civil servants and pensioners, public confederations, unions, and news of layoffs continue to come.

Officers to Quit Jobs

Doctors, public employees and personnel are preparing to quit their jobs with the joint decision of their associations, unions and confederations. Civil servants working in more than 10 business lines such as health, education, power and transportation will take a one-day work stoppage. A work stoppage action will be held across the country tomorrow with the participation of the members of the unions affiliated to the Confederations of United Public Employment and Independent Public Employees Unions. Civil servants and workers working in the public sector will leave their jobs with 1 day to show their reactions to the increase in civil servants and pensioners. Mehmet Balık, General Leader of the United Public Business Confederation, said in a statement to Bilim Sıhhat News Agency that they are organized in 10 business lines and that the number of those who will join the action together with the confederations that will join the movement is around 200 thousand.

“They showed the officer dead and persuaded him to have malaria”

Underlining that they will protest the increase in civil servants and pensioners with the movement of unionized employees from many business lines such as education, local administrations, health, office workers, power, transportation, Mehmet Balık, the General Leader of the United Public Business Confederation, said: It’s a deception they did with you. They announced 25 percent at first, and the next day they persuaded the officer by announcing another five percent increase. They showed us death and persuaded us to suffer from malaria. They said, ‘I give 25 percent, look’ and then they said, ‘We give five more points’. Five points is two kilos of cheese money. Between 25 percent and 30 percent, there is no difference that will change our lives. Therefore, we want the lowest civil servant salary to be within the poverty line. This is two, two and a half times the minimum price,” he said.

Doctors, Teachers, Health Workers Leave Jobs

Officers Have No Situation to Stand

Pointing out that income inequality is at its peak in Turkey, that some people are always strong and win, while others never win, Balık said: “Officers can’t stand. Unless the income inequality in Turkey is corrected, these actions will continue and increase. Our primary expectation is to stop the bribery wheel, end unnecessary expenditures, and distribute income to civil servants and workers in a fair manner. Now we are going to the elections, the government is talking randomly before the election and says it will solve everything. We have no hope that this government will produce an analysis of the economy in the coming period. The country has been polarized. If there is an election, civil servants and pensioners will ask for it at the ballot box.”

“Health and community service workers cut to the bone”

General Health and Social Service Branch Public Employees Union Leader of the United Public Business Confederation Dr. Derya Uğur said, “We also took our decision to act in line with the decision taken by our Confederation. It will be an action that we envisage the participation of health and social service workers. Hundreds of thousands of public workers will participate. As long as there is unity, we will reach our goals. As long as there is awareness. For health and social service workers, the knife is now on the bone. There is a heavy work tempo in a significant sense, but there is no increase and smoothing in personal rights, purchasing power. As our confederation has said, today, where the poverty line is at 26,500’s, public workers, health and social service workers receive salaries close to the hunger line and below the poverty line. They are now unbearable. In the last 10 years, our purchasing power has decreased 3 times. If you think about the increase in other expenses in a country where there is a 300 percent increase in onions, the increase in civil servant salaries as 25 percent and then 30 percent is ridiculous. The five percent increase is officially charity. Until we reach the analysis, we will push our efforts to the end by using our power from production.”

Unions affiliated to the BASK Confederation will also quit their jobs

After the increase in civil servants and pensioners, many confederation-affiliated unions made job stoppage statements and they continue to come. To the 1-day work stoppage to be held tomorrow The Independent Public Employees’ Unions Confederation (BASK) also supports it. Birlik Sıhhat Sen, which is under the roof of the confederation, will hold a work stoppage tomorrow together with the 6 civil servant confederations. Birlik Sıhhat Sen General Leader Ahmet Dogruyol said, “Our confederation BASK, our union Birlik Sıhhat Sen, together with 6 civil servants confederation will make a quit movement.” After the government’s announcement of the increase in civil servants and pensioners, the first move to quit was made by Demokrat Sıhhat Sen.

PHYSICIAN: 27 thousand doctors will stop working

In addition, physicians registered with Hekimsen, which has 27 thousand members throughout Turkey, will participate in the 1-day work stoppage across the country tomorrow. Hekimsen Administrative Board announced that they will make a one-day work stoppage movement to show their reactions on many issues such as the imposition of a work hard and win system instead of a salary, additional payment regulations, losses due to union rights violations, the continuation of malpractice issues, and the loss of family medicine incomes. The action will take place across the country. Announcing that no polyclinic services will be provided, Hekimsen announced that family health centers will participate in the movement, including flexible working hours, that green triage patients in emergency services and polyclinics will be directed to the next day, and dentists on a mission in oral and dental health centers and dental polyclinics of hospitals will join the action for 1 day. . (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)