Drugs: What are the reasons for the increase in drug use?

Drugs: What are the reasons for the increase in drug use? The inadequacy of preventive efforts to combat drugs in Turkey is an important factor in the increase in drug use. The easy accessibility of drugs and the introduction of counterfeit and cheap drugs on the market increase the use. On the other hand, family and environmental factors play an important role. People who cannot establish a healthy relationship with their families and have difficulties in coping with their problems tend to use drugs more easily. For these people, drugs are sometimes seen as an escape or a solution, and sometimes as a performance indicator. Unrest in the family, overly restrictive and oppressive attitudes or excessive freedom may cause drug use. If there is no positive role model in the family or in the environment, the risk increases even more. Young people who cannot realize themselves and have difficulty in expressing their feelings and thoughts can become addicted more easily. think so

What are your suggestions to parents and lecturers?

Accurate information and education about drugs is very important. Sometimes unrealistically exaggerated or even false information is given to keep young people off drugs or to intimidate them. This information is not taken seriously by young people and is often ridiculed. First of all, families should have accurate information about drugs and give correct information. Teenagers cannot be driven away from drugs by intimidation or exaggerated, untrue information.

It is necessary to encourage and ensure that especially high school and university students produce projects on drugs. The most important measure is preventive or protective to increase work. For some reason, prevention studies are not done enough in our country. If a person has ever tried drugs, even out of curiosity, the risk increases significantly. After starting to use drugs, everyone’s job becomes more difficult. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out preventive studies before young people become involved in drugs and to prevent them from becoming addicted. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to quit the substance used after becoming addicted, and the relations with his family or environment will weaken.