Elon Musk had to apologize for a tweet he silently deleted

Elon Musk had to apologize for this tweet, which he silently deleted, which caused a conspiracy theory to spread.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has publicly apologized to Paul Pelosi, wife of former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for his role in spreading and amplifying a baseless conspiracy regarding the wild attack in October. Musk’s step back came days after police footage of Pelosi’s life was released showing an attempt on his life.

who once accused Bill Clinton of raping him Juanita Broaddrickof ” Leftist idiots want @elonmusk to apologize to Pelosis. For what? For a suspicious and awkward situation between two men in underwearHe tweeted in the form of “. In response, Musk said, ” I’m still sorry” Wrote.

In the article in question, baseless rumors about Paul Pelosi’s sexual orientation were brought up again, and it was claimed that Pelosi was drunk and had a quarrel with a male escort on the night of the attack. Both of these theses were proven false by additional reports and statements made by the police. Musk’s tweet that caused him to apologize” There is a small possibility that there may be more to this parable than meets the eye.“. Musk deleted his tweet days later without any further explanation.

The tweet that Musk deleted

The 42-year-old, who was alleged to be the assailant in the recently released San Francisco Police footage David Depape and Pelosi appears to have a hammer in her hands. Police at the scene direct Depape to leave Pelosi charming minutes before she takes it from her hand. Depape then hits Pelosi violently on the head with a hammer before the police can contain her. The injured Pelosi falls to the ground and lies unconscious in a pool of her own blood for three minutes. Depape now faces charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.