Elon Musk’s Twitter is sued again over the debts of the lawsuit filed against Musk

It turned out that Elon Musk did not pay the experts he appointed in the lawsuit filed by Twitter against Musk.

In the days when Elon Musk withdrew his offer to buy Twitter, a consultancy firm that gave legal support to the social media giant filed a lawsuit against the company, saying it never got paid for the work it did.

Charles River Associates (CRA) Twitter says it began the mission in August 2022, shortly after Twitter sued Musk for refusing to complete the $44 billion merger settlement. Musk had finally completed the acquisition process at the end of October after it became clear that he would likely lose. The CRA is demanding the full amount and double or triple the damage it would have received from Twitter for interest, costs and legal prices.

The new lawsuit chronicles the CRA’s attempts to get paid for its work after Musk reluctantly completed his purchase of Twitter instead of tackling the lawsuit. The CRA says it did not receive a response to a series of messages Musk sent about unpaid invoices in the month after his purchase.

The CRA’s lawsuit is just one of many lawsuits filed against Twitter, now involving Musk. software vendor Imply Data He previously claimed that Twitter could not pay a $1,092,000 bill. Additional breach of contract lawsuits, Twitter’s $136,000 rent for San Francisco office towerand he argues that he did not pay his debt of 197,725 dollars for private jet services.