Emphasis on ‘Blood Swap Period Not Over’ by Izmir Medical Chamber

İzmir Medical Chamber Board Member, who said ‘We are back to the Blood Swap Era’ due to the decrease in blood stocks of the Red Crescent Blood Centers. Big Ayhan,

İzmir Medical Chamber Administrative Council Member, who said ‘We are back to the Blood Swap Era’ due to the decrease in blood stocks of the Red Crescent Blood Centers. Ulu Ayhan made striking statements to the Science and Health News Agency (BSHA).

Büyük Ayhan said that the problem of the decrease in blood stocks stems from the fact that the organization of the blood supply system in Turkey is completely indexed to the Red Crescent, and said, “This problem arises because the capacity of the Red Crescent is not enough at the moment. It may be an option to have a backup system within the Ministry of Health and the Ministry to strengthen the Red Crescent in this regard and to produce alternative solutions. In the current system, the only analysis point of this du is currently Kızılay. There is no other option. Hospital blood centers were closed. Why, because inevitably there was a practice called ‘bring your donor, I’ll give blood’, which we call exchange in the hospital. The stock management of the hospital was not very convenient. To prevent this, this system has been removed,” he said.

“The Red Crescent Is In The Position To Make A Barter Donor!”

“The only responsible center for blood supply is Kızılay. When the blood centers of the hospitals were closed, the Red Crescent took all the responsibility. It was said that we are removing the swap donor, but now the situation is reversed. Şanlı Ayhan continued his statements by saying, “The Red Crescent has come to the position of making exchange donors” and said, “The Covid-19 outbreak had an impact on the decrease in blood donations. For a period, people lost the habit of donating blood. In the winter period, diseases increase, which is a factor, but in general, it is necessary to focus on the analysis. Now it’s back to the beginning. The fundamental question to be asked is why did the Red Crescent fall below its initial capacity? The question is why the donations have decreased,” he said.

Turkish Red Crescent Invites Citizens to Donate

After the statement by the Turkish Red Crescent Headquarters that the blood stocks were in danger of falling below the minimum level, the issue of ‘blood donation’ came up again. Turkish Red Crescent General Leader Kemal Kınık invited the public to donate blood and gave information about the ‘Be Our Blood Friend, Be Hope This Winter’ campaign. Kınık made a statement that the Red Crescent blood stocks were not below the base level, but close to that level, and invited the citizens to donate blood. (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)