“Energy prices may drive investments away from Europe”

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson stated that the EU has not fully reached its economic potential, investing much less in research and development than the USA or China, and said, “High power prices can drive investments away from Europe.”

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, Kristersson addressed the General Delegation of the European Parliament (EP) convened in Strasbourg, France.

Kristersson, summarizing the priorities of her country, which assumed the EU term presidency on January 1, as “making Europe greener, more faithful and more free”, said, “Ukraine is our starting point and everyone’s first priority, and it has to be that much. Nothing else. not as valuable,” he said.

“Our mission is to continue to support Ukrainians who are fighting not only for their independence but also for a European way of life,” said Kristersson.

Stating that their role as the term leader means that we must always provide the EU’s economic, political, humanitarian and military reinforcements to Ukraine, Kristersson said, “We will need to monitor the progress of Ukraine’s reforms towards EU membership. This is also the case for Ukraine’s recovery and rebuilding. “Together with all our international partners, rebuilding Ukraine after the war will remind us all of the Marshall Plan after the Second World War. Russian assets frozen in this effort must be the module not only of the problem but also of the analysis.” spoke.

“There is a need for a new long-term strategy”

Stating that Sweden’s other priorities are dealing with organized crime from within the EU, and a common and balanced immigration policy, Kristersson said, “The EU is an economic giant. However, we cannot reach our full economic potential. Our productivity lags behind. Today, we are significantly more involved in research and development than the USA or China. “We spend less and high power prices can drive investment away from Europe,” he said.

Kristersson stressed the need for a new long-term strategy at EU level to increase competitiveness and productivity.

Referring to the value of the rule of law, Kristersson noted that they will organize a symposium on this special issue in the capital city of Stockholm in May.