EU accepts new sanctions on Iran

The European Union (EU) countries decided to impose sanctions on 18 Iranian people and 19 organizations for their role in the intervention of Mahsa Emini’s post-deceased shows in Iran.

In the statement made by the European Union (EU) Board, it was reported that the sanctions will be applied due to human rights violations in Iran.

Among the individuals to be sanctioned are Iranian Minister of Youth and Sports Sayid Hamid Hazaveh Seccadi, some deputies, governors of some provinces, employees of the state media and some high-level officials of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Army.

The list includes the units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Army in some regions of the country, the Iranian Special Police Forces and some companies providing security services.

With the latest sanctions, the number of Iranian people, on which the EU has implemented restrictive measures, has increased to 164 and the number of organizations to 31.

The sanctions consist of a travel ban to the EU, an asset freeze and a ban on funding these individuals and organisations. In addition, the sale of some equipment and tracking devices that can be used as a means of pressure to the public is prohibited to Iran.