EU Finance Ministers Progress Focused on the Digital Euro

The finance ministers of the European Union (EU) member states made statements about the digital euro after a meeting in Brussels.

European Union ( EU) the finance ministers of the member states, BrusselsAfter a meeting in digital euromade statements about

Blockchain The increasing popularity of technology has led to the opening of new doors. One of these doors was that countries wanted to switch to digital currency. The active use of cryptocurrencies suggested that traditional fiat currencies need to be updated. In this context EU, digital euro spends a lot of time on it. Finally EUFinance ministers began meeting regularly to discuss the dimensions of the digital currency.

EU Finance Ministers Continue Digital Euro Meetings

Europe unioncreated by the finance ministers of the member states Eurogroup, digital eurocontinues its meetings.

Eurogroup reported that it meets regularly to examine the political and social dimensions of the potential digital currency at the table. Ministers, the European Central Bank ( ECB ) takes a detailed look at its progress on the digital euro. Statement shared by the Ministers, stated that;

“The Eurogroup considers the introduction of a digital euro, as well as its main features and design options, to be political decisions that need to be discussed and taken at the political level.”

The ministerial group focused on the environmental impacts of the digital currency, the area of ​​privacy, the state of financial stability and related issues.

The members of the group also underlined their readiness to contribute to the current discussions.