EU prepares new sanctions package against Russia

Ursula von der Leyen, Leader of the European Union (EU) Council, said that the 10th sanction package they prepared against Russia will have a scope of 10 billion euros.

Ukrainian State Leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy, EU Council Leader Charles Michel and EU Council Leader Ursula von der Leyen held a joint press conference at the end of the 24th EU-Ukraine Hill in Kiev.

Von der Leyen stated that the EU has sent 35 million LED bulbs to Ukraine so far and this will increase to 50 million soon, adding that “50 million LED bulbs means savings equivalent to the electricity production of a nuclear reactor.” said.

Explaining that they also discussed power supply security at the meeting, von der Leyen said that in the current situation, generators are extremely valuable for electricity supply in Ukraine.

“It has been decided to deliver 5,400 generators to Ukraine,” von der Leyen said. he said.

– Ukraine will be given 2 gigawatts of electricity

Reminding that the Ukrainian and EU electricity networks were connected with the start of the war, von der Leyen said, “Ukraine needs electricity. We will provide you with the 2 gigawatts of electricity you need.” used the term.

“The EU has so far provided Ukraine 50 billion euros,” Von der Leyen said, pointing to the value of Ukraine’s making salaries and social payments in order to maintain its state function.

– Ukrainian works will continue to enter the EU duty-free

Explaining that they will give 18 billion euros to Ukraine in systematic monthly payments as a budget basis, von der Leyen said that they will also extend the program for the duty-free entry of Ukrainian works to the EU market.

– New sanctions on Russia

Von der Leyen emphasized that the Russian economy has paid a high price due to the imposed sanctions and said, “The 10th sanction package is coming. We aim to implement this package by February 24.” spoke in.

Stating that the 10th sanctions package will have a scope of approximately 10 billion euros, von der Leyen said, “Another big sanctions package is being prepared. The plan is to once again focus on the technologies that Russia can use in the war.” said.

Stating that they want to ensure that vehicles such as unmanned aerial vehicles are not produced in Russia and Iran, von der Leyen said that they will focus on the components in these works with sanctions.

Von der Leyen pointed out that they will also focus heavily on circumventing or circumventing sanctions, adding that “The 10th package of sanctions will include proposals for efforts with circumvention of sanctions.” made its assessment.

The EU has so far implemented 9 sanctions packages against Russia due to the war.

Sanctions against Russia span a wide spectrum, including trade, finance, industry, technology, transportation, dual-use and luxury goods.

In addition, crude oil transported by sea and some petroleum products, and the removal of some Russian banks from the international payment system SWIFT, are on the EU sanctions lists.