Exclusive Interview with BitMEX: Regulations and Turkey

Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX answered our questions about the topics that crypto investors are curious about.

Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, answered our questions about the topics that crypto investors are curious about.

In the turbulent period of the crypto money market, the fate of crypto money exchanges was also among the topics of interest. Especially in recent FTX events made reliable cryptocurrency exchanges come to the fore. Curious about which exchange to hold assets, crypto investors entered into a comprehensive research. coincolicaspect, BitMEX We had an exclusive interview with Here are the questions and answers that crypto investors are curious about.

BitMEX: Need to Focus on Blockchain Technology

With the adopted cryptocurrencies, traditional finance started to be integrated gradually. coincolicaspect, BitMEXWe asked how it is positioning itself in the crypto market and traditional finance.

The popular cryptocurrency exchange underlined that there are many points where traditional finance and cryptocurrencies diverge and merge. referring to this point BitMEX He stated that it is necessary to look at what cryptocurrencies bring thanks to blockchain technology. The stock market pointed to the speed and savings headings that entered our lives with blockchain. In addition, the stock market believes that cryptocurrencies will take place in the future thanks to this technology.

BitMEX stated that they welcome traditional companies that have recently joined the sector. The exchange, which has been serving for 8 years, underlined the need to focus on blockchain technology in the adoption process.

BitMEX: Slow Progress of Regulatory Process is Normal

Troubled times in the cryptocurrency market have increased the need for regulation and supervision. coincolicaspect, BitMEXWe got the opinions of Turkey on the regulations and Turkey.

Popularcryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency industry regulations He said that we should not wait for a regulation that will be accepted by the whole world. referring to regulations BitMEXpredicts that the process will progress more slowly due to the different perspectives of each country. BitMEXHe stated that over time, cryptocurrencies will develop further and the moves of countries towards this sector will become clear.

TurkeyTouching on the issue, the exchange underlined that the country has an important position in the crypto ecosystem. BitMEXyour future plans TurkeyHe stated that it also covers . TurkeyReferring to their current work on . BitMEXreferring to these studies TurkeyHe claimed that they aim to inform and develop crypto investors in the UK.

BitMEX: We Have a Comprehensive Insurance Fund

The bear market, which means a downtrend in the crypto money market, is called the most disliked period by investors. This period is putting many crypto organizations in trouble. coincolicaspect, BitMEXWe asked about the bear market moves and worst-case scenario measures.

The popular cryptocurrency exchange considered it normal to see volatility in the cryptocurrency market. BitMEXbear market and volatile He underlined that he aims to protect its users during the period of mobility. The exchange announced that it has created an insurance fund in this context. With this fund BitMEXstated that it aims to minimize the harms of its users.

BitMEX: We Have No Plans for Turkish Lira Parities

Cryptocurrency investors in Turkey, Turkish poundYou can also choose to trade with coincolicaspect, BitMEXin crypto currency pairs Turkish poundWe asked him about his planning for the trading pair.

The popular cryptocurrency exchange replied that they have no such plans at the moment.

BitMEX: We Have No NFT Marketplace Plan

Many major cryptocurrency exchanges NFT By opening a market place, it attracted the attention of its users. However, this situation led to the distribution of money in the stock market to different areas. coincolicaspect, BitMEX‘of NFTWe asked him if he had plans for the marketplace.

Popular cryptocurrency exchange NFTHe stated that they have no plans to open a market place. BitMEX stated that he wanted to focus on his core activities, which he defined as his best job. Referring to the latest developments, the stock market argued that jumping too many branches hurt the investors.

BitMEX: BMEX Not Used to Fund the Exchange

Many crypto exchanges have attracted the attention of investors with the cryptocurrency belonging to their ecosystem. However FTXafter its bankruptcy FTTIt also led to the collapse of the token. coincolicaspect, BitMEXWe asked for details about ‘s own token.

The popular cryptocurrency exchange said that they have successfully launched their own token, BMEX. BitMEX, BMEXHe underlined that they offer a pure loyalty and reward system to their users.

Moreover BitMEX, BMEX He pointed out that . does not serve as any margin for positions or collateral loans. The exchange stated that their token is not used to finance any operational expenses.

The exchange offers commission discounts, free withdrawals and free withdrawals to users who own this token. VIPannounced that he could benefit from privileges such as customer service.