Explanation of EYT salaries from Bilgin

Stating that the regulation regarding EYT can be submitted to the Plan and Budget Committee at the end of the month, Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Alım said, “The first pensions can be paid in February or March.” The purchase is the starting point of the internship insurance for EYT.

Vedat Alım, Minister of Labor and Social Security, stated that the pensions were paid in accordance with the retirement age (EYT) regulation, which is expected to come to the Parliament soon. S February or M He said it would be in the accounts on art. Stating that the arrangement may reach the end of the month of the assembly process, Alım said, “All the documents can be concluded within a month.”

from EYT the beneficiaries Explaining that the average age is 49.9, Alım said, He stated that this situation is an advantage and a sustainable one.

TO from YT will benefit number of people, currently over 2 million Take to the one who gives the information that it is With the prestige of the end of February, this number will reach 2 million 250 thousand people. About 600 thousand of them are public servants. The average salary of public servants is at least 11 thousand liras. Now the average will be around 13 thousand. So there’s no compelling reason to retire quickly. We think that 51 thousand people will retire in the public sector in the first stage. In other words, if we think that 500 thousand people will not retire in the public sector, the number of EYT members who will be paid monthly will decrease. he said.

“There are those who will retire in 2027”

Explaining that there are also those who are within the scope of EYT but do not have enough premiums, Alım said, “The number of people who can become EYT is around 4 million 700 thousand people. used the phrases.

“If every deserving person retires, it costs 200 billion liras”

Bilgin explained that they do two different cost studies compared to those who will not retire, considering that all deserving people will retire and suffer a loss of salary even if they deserve it. Purchase, D cost of upset of the In the middle of 120-200 billion liras Saying that, Alım, h 200 billion liras if the person who deserves retires He said that the calculations were made according to him and that he would not cause harm in the budget.

“Victims of internship are not victims”

Bilgin, p. on the status of taj insured as well as “ Internship victims are not victims. So they cannot use that concept. Because there is nothing that hurts them. There is no employment contract. They say, ‘Let it count as an internship’, we cannot do such a thing. We cannot distribute the people’s money and resources in this way.” said.