EYT statement from AK Party member Turan

AK Party Cluster Deputy Chairman Bülent Turan made a statement to Habertürk. Turan, on a question about the EYT coming to the Parliament and becoming a law, which is the most curious on the agenda, said, “At the end of the study, it comes to the board. We want it to happen as soon as possible….

Answering Mehmet Akif Ersoy’s questions on Habertürk TV, AK Party Cluster Deputy Chairman Bülent Turan made statements about EYT.

Noting that the arrangement could be completed in February, Turan said, “The grief of all social segments of Turkey is our problem. Our contracted worker, which is close to 500, gave it to the Parliament today. Our board leader, Cevdet, called a meeting on Monday. If that work is finished, we will start meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday, I think it will be over next week. EYT hasn’t arrived yet. Our President announced the main lines of EYT to the public. There is a huge number. There was a big problem in that sense, it was solved. We are a group that wants all the issues of EYT. It comes to the committee at the end of the study. We want it to happen as soon as possible. The law passes, the person applies. When we talked about a business, the arrow came out of the bow. These are taken step by step according to the work of the Assembly and the Ministry in accordance with the calendar. I hope it will be finished in mid-February.”