Featured Web3 Events in Turkey

Various events will be held in Turkey for Web3 technology, which is becoming widespread on a global scale and expanding its usage area.

Widespread and expanding its usage area on a global scale Web3for technology, T Various activities will be held in Turkey.

The frenzy created by blockchain and cryptocurrenciesIt also led to the emergence of new industries. NFT, metaverse, Web3 sectors such as these have taken their place in the digitalized world. The trend that started in Bitcoin has now turned into a global digital spectrum. Featured in this range Web3 is seen as the key to developing technology. In this context, various Web3 events will take place in Turkey. We have compiled those events for you.

Web3 Events Hosted by Turkey

In a world that is digitalized and pregnant with new technologies, Web3 influence is increasing. The digital asset flow initiated by cryptocurrencies has also opened the door to new sectors.

digital industryaiming to take it to a new dimension Web3 attracted great attention around the world. Especially Web3based cryptocurrencies managed to reach volumes of millions of dollars.

Web3, which has become widespread and adopted in Turkey, has started to reach people through various activities. In this context, many Web3 events were organized. In the coming period Web3 events to be held in Turkey are as follows;

  • Istanbul Fintech Week: In Istanbul between 8-9 February – Fintech
  • block square: On February 8 in Istanbul – Blockchain
  • block square: On March 23 in Istanbul – Blockchain
  • Solana Crossroads: Between 31 March – 2 April in Istanbul – Crypto
  • block square: On April 27 in Istanbul – Blockchain
  • Blockchain economy: On 8-11 May in Istanbul – Blockchain
  • ETH Global Hackathon: On May 26-28 in Istanbul – Hackhathon
  • NFT Summit Istanbul: On June 3 in Istanbul – NFT
  • gaming Istanbul: In Istanbul between 16-18 June – Gaming
  • Istanbul Tech week: Between 1-3 November in Istanbul – Technology