Ford plans to lay off workers in Germany

Automotive manufacturer Ford, headquartered in the USA, will lay off 3,200 employees at its factory in Cologne, Germany, due to increasing battery costs for electric vehicles and the impact of the expected recession in the US and European economies.

According to the news of the German news agency DPA, in two meetings, the company’s job board informed the employees about the layoffs.

Ford, which employs 15 thousand people in the factory in question, has not made a public statement about the bet.

Germany’s largest union, IG Metall, announced that the company plans to lay off up to 2,500 employees in work development and up to 700 in administrative matters.

In the statement of IG Metall, it was stated that they are extremely worried about the future of Ford’s German facilities in general, and that if the company implements the layoff plan, layoffs will be made.

It provides employment to 45 thousand individuals

Announcing that it will invest $2 billion last year to transform its factory in Cologne into an electric vehicle production facility, Ford employs 45 thousand individuals in its European factories.

Ford, which manages the restructuring process at its European factories, announced last year that several thousand people will be laid off in the US and India as the factories are made suitable for electric vehicle production.

It was noteworthy that Ford’s plan for layoffs came in a period of increased relocation concerns of automotive manufacturers in Europe, as the Inflation Reduction Act in the USA gave great incentives for electric vehicles produced in the country.