FTX Pending for Units in Japan and Europe

Restructuring following bankruptcy, FTX has extended bidding deadlines for its businesses in Japan and Europe.

Restructuring after bankruptcy, FTX for its businesses in Japan and Europe extended bid deadlines.

FTX, which has signed a collapse that marked the last year, spends intense work on the restructuring process. Executives of the bankrupt group of crypto companies are looking for ways to raise funds so they can repay creditors. In this context, FTX has made new moves for the potential sale of several of its subsidiaries. Finally, the bankrupt company Announced an extension of bid deadlines for its businesses in Japan and Europe.

FTX Focused on Businesses in Japan and Europe

According to Bloomberg’s report In a filing filed with the court today, it was stated that FTX extended the bid submission deadlines for its subsidiaries it plans to sell for funding purposes. According to the file presented to the court today, The deadline for preliminary bidding was March 8, while the auction date was April 26.

Late last year, managers LedgerX, Japan units, Singapore crypto- exchangesAnd Europe digital assets And derivativesHe wanted to put many units, such as his business, up for sale by auction.

Japan unit of FTX , kept client funds separate and can start returning assets to clients from this month. Japan’s Financial Services Agency stated that even if the owner of the unit changes, the licenses will not be lost.