FTX Sues Voyager Digital, Sold to Binance

The restructured FTX has filed a lawsuit against the crypto-based lending platform Voyager Digital, which was acquired by Binance.

restructured FTX, BinanceCrypto-based loan platform acquired by Voyager DigitalHe sued.

The Voyager Digital crisis continues in the crypto industry. Bankrupt crypto credit institution Voyager digital, with the approval of the court 1 billion dollars It was sold to FTX for a fee. However, the subsequent bankruptcy of FTX also led to Voyager Digital going out of business. Taking this situation as an opportunity, Binance was dismissed from the court. Voyager Digital It had obtained the necessary approvals to purchase the . Now FTX, He sued Voyager Digital for $446 million.

FTX Sues Voyager Digital for $446 Million

Reorganized after bankruptcy FTX, crypto loan platform Voyager DigitalHe sued for $446 million.

Last year was a year filled with bankruptcies for cryptocurrency projects. FTX and Voyager is among the companies that went bankrupt in 2022. However Voyager, FTXHe filed for bankruptcy 4 months ago.

Voyager, in an application filed in July, FTXand Alameda He demanded the repayment of all the loans they did not pay. The company, which went into a major crisis, from FTX and Alameda It had received $446 million in loan payments.

now too FTX, to Voyager Digitalof this loan to be returnedknocked on the court door. FTX , underlined that these loan payments were made very close to his bankruptcy. justifying that FTXthat the payment is recoverable and FTXindicated to its creditors.