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Galaxy S23 will be easier to set up than ever thanks to Fast Pair feature

If you are planning to buy a new Galaxy S23, we are sure that you will like the Fast Pair feature, which allows you to pass the suram level simply.

Quickly setting up the new Galaxy S23 will be faster than ever with Fast Pair. According to the latest information, Google wants to streamline the suram process for new Android phones using Fast Pair. And this feature will be available shortly after the launch of the Galaxy S23 series, which will be released on February 1.

The main purpose of Fast Pair is to allow rapid installation of new devices. It currently supports headphones and smartwatches, with support for trackers and pens coming soon. Known for its leaks, 9To5Google shared information on how this feature will work on smartphones. According to the findings, when your Android phone detects another Android phone that is not set up now, it will trigger the Fast Pair pop-up menu.

From here you will be able to follow the onscreen steps to move your data confidently and efficiently depending on the device you are trying to install. For example, on a Samsung device, you can use Samsung’s Smart Switch app for the suram process. Similar to how it works to set up other devices using QR codes, Fast Pair will use a similar procedure to move your data from one Android phone to another.

The best part is that this feature has passed the testing phase and Google is planning to launch the fast pairing feature of Fast Pair after the launch of the Galaxy S23. This is impeccable timing as many people are getting ready to upgrade their phones to one of the Galaxy S23 series phones at random.