Good News to Ripple Investors! Airdrop is Coming!

Flare Network (FLR), which has been awaited by Ripple (XRP) investors for many years, will airdrop to XRP investors tonight.

Ripple ( XRP) investors have been waiting for many years, Flare Network ( FLR), tonight XRPwill perform an airdrop to its investors.

Recently, the topic that crypto investors are most excited about airdrop it happened. in the crypto industry airdrop became one of the most popular topics. Especially recently, witherecosystem products airdrop‘s became the agenda. bonk, 50 percenta supply of witherdistributing it to the community FOMO succeeded in creating On the other hand, Flare Network has been expected by Ripple investors for a long time. In the final details, Rippleto investors tonight. FLRIt has been announced that a token airdrop will be held.

Flare Network to Airdrop Ripple Investors

Flare Network ( FLR ), marked tonight for the long-awaited airdrop. Ripple ( XRP) to investors FLRThe token distribution will take place around 03:00 tonight.

posting on twitter flareteam, XRPfor the airdrop to its owners 24 hours He said it was only a short time. In addition, the popular project invited its enthusiasts to an interview on Twitter.

FLR Token Distribution Event ( TDE) has become one of the most anticipated events by the Ripple community. XRPholding investors, FLR had to wait quite a while to win the airdrop. Several cryptocurrency exchanges FLR announced that they will provide the necessary support for its distribution. Moreover, Turkeybased cryptocurrency exchanges BTCTurk, Bitexen, icrypexand ParibuIt will also provide airdrop support.

XRPto investors holding FLRThe exchanges that will support the realization of the airdrop are as follows;

  • 1- Binance
  • 2- Coinbase
  • 3- OKX
  • 4- KuCoin
  • 5- Huobi
  • 6- Gateio
  • 7- CryptoCom
  • 8- Okcoin
  • 9- MEXC Global
  • 10- Uphold
  • 11- BTCTurk
  • 12- Paribu
  • 13- Bitexen
  • 14- Icrypex
  • 15- Bybit
  • 16- Kraken
  • 17- Bitexen

Moreover FLRairdrop, December 2, 2020On exchanges and external wallets instantly at 03:00 XRPIt will be distributed to crypto investors who have a balance.