Google also joins the wave of layoffs

Google has announced that it will lay off about 12,000 people, more than 6 percent of its global workforce.

Alphabet Inc., the umbrella organization of Google, joined the caravan of technology companies that decided to lay off in the last period. also participated.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced in an email to employees Friday that he will lay off about 12,000 people worldwide, more than 6 percent of the company. Pichai wrote in the email that he “takes full responsibility for the decisions that have brought the company to this state”, adding that the cuts will affect business globally and across the entire company.

“This is a valuable decision to toughen our focus, restructure our cost base, and redirect our talent and capital to our highest priorities,” Pichai said in a statement about the dismissal decision. used the terms.

Explaining that they have a valuable opportunity in front of them in the field of artificial intelligence, the company exceeded expectations last October. under had income. The company’s profit fell to $13.9 billion, down 27 percent from the previous year. Pichai, the CEO of the company at that time, said that they would cut Google’s spending. Google’s Chief Financial Officer, Ruth Porat, announced that the number of new jobs will fall by more than half in the fourth quarter compared to the previous period.