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Google may be preparing to respond with an alternative to Apple’s AirTags

Tracking badges, which Apple calls AirTag, may soon find another important competitor bearing the Google brand.

Developer (and solid leaker) Kuba Wojciechowski reports that Google is working on a position tracking tracker, or badge, to compete with Apple’s AirTags trackers.

Wojciechowski discovered references to this type of badge in Quick Pair, Google’s quick pairing system for nearby Bluetooth devices, and argued in a Twitter thread that Google had developed its own first-party badge (or follower).

According to Wojciechowski, the device ” GR10” and ” groguaudio“as well as alternative names” Grogu“( Name of baby Yoda character from Star Wars series The Mandalorian ) and is currently being developed by the Google Nest group. While that doesn’t mean it will be released as a Nest-branded piece, Wojciechowski says the follower could be launched in multiple color options and include a built-in speaker to help users locate a lost device with sound similar to that of the Apple AirTag.

Wojciechowski also noted that “Grogu” followers It can support Bluetooth LE and ultra-wideband (UWB). is arguing. While Google’s high-end devices, the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro, both support UWB association, they’ve only been limited to features like Nearby Share until now. UWB offers much greater precision than Bluetooth for finding lost items, while giving a badge the ability to display both search claims and directions, and Wojciechowski said, “ While Google’s tracker likely has UWB, it’s not a requirement for the ‘Finder Network’ they’re working on – BLE is sufficient” says.

Wojciechowski hypothesizes that Google may announce the work during the Google I/O Developer Conference in May 2023 and launch it alongside the new Pixel devices during a Google event in the fall.