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Google Pixel tablet will be introduced with the expected feature

According to the leaked information, Google will include a stylus pen with Fast Pair technology in the Pixel tablet model.

Google accelerated its efforts to present the tablet model to users in 2023. According to the leaked information, the stylus pen using Fast Pair technology will be included in the Google Pixel tablet model.

Google Pixel tablet comes with Fast Pair-enabled stylus

Apple and Samsung dominate the tablet market with their flagship models. Gaining momentum with the Pixel family, Google has completed its preparations to enter the tablet market.

Announced in 2017, Fast Pair is built on Bluetooth technology. Fast Pair technology, whose new features have been announced recently, will offer users the opportunity to detect location even if their devices are turned off.

The 9to5Google team, who discovered a new code in the Google Play services update, stated that they encountered the phrase fast-pair-stylus. Stating that the code they published functions as a low battery notification with Bluetooth, the team decided on the tablet model.

Some technical features of the tablet model that Google will launch in the past months have leaked. It is worth noting that the information released today confirms the leaked features.

Analysts stated that the Google Pixel tablet model will support the USI 2.0 standard. It is estimated that users can charge their smart pens wirelessly thanks to NFC technology.

According to the leaked information, Google will include an 11-inch screen on its new device. However, Google will equip its new model with the Tensor G2 processor, which we encounter in the Pixel 7 series.

The device, which is stated to be available with 128 GB and 256 GB storage options, will be available to users with Wi-Fi 6 support. It is estimated that the device will be introduced in the second half of 2023.