Highlights in economics in the consensus text of the Nation Alliance

Nation Alliance announced the Common Policies Memorandum of Understanding. The general leaders of the political parties that make up the six-party table ceremonially signed the text of the election declaration. It was seen that the titles of economics took a valuable place in the text.

The consensus text of the Nation Alliance, consisting of 9 main titles and 75 sub-titles, was shared with the public.

The 9 main headings in the text are listed in the following form; Law, Justice and Judiciary, Public Administration, Anti-Corruption, Transparency and Control, Economics, Finance and Employment, Science, R&D, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation, Sectoral Policies, Education and Training, Social Policies, Foreign Policy, Defense, Security and Migration Policies.

In the text of the agreement, it was seen that the titles of economic policies were loaded.

Some of the economic promises in the 244-page text of common policies are listed as follows:

As soon as we come to power, we will stop opening new Currency Protected Deposit accounts and close existing accounts at maturity.

We will permanently lower inflation to the low single digits in two years.

We will not impose responsibilities on the Central Bank other than maintaining price and financial stability.

The headquarters of the CBRT is in the capital city of Ankara. We will provide the process of moving the units of the bank in Istanbul to Ankara as soon as possible.

(CBRT) Leader and Monetary Policy Council members will be appointed a maximum of two times.

We will ensure that the President, Deputy Leader and Council members cannot be removed from the mission based on an arrangement other than the CBRT Law.

We will prepare a comprehensive reserve management report every six months, in whatever form, will ensure that reserve sales are made public at the latest for a period of fifteen days.

We will remove the obligation of exporters to sell 40 percent of their FX revenues to the CBRT.

We will implement the “Fiscal Rule” in order to make the understanding of fiscal discipline permanent and increase predictability.

We will transfer Türk Telekom and Turkcell shares transferred to the Wealth Fund to the Treasury and ensure that they are managed independently compared to contemporary governance elements.