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Honor 70 Review

Can the new smartphone released by Honor be bought with a price tag of 13 thousand TL? What do you need to know before you buy? Here are all the details from A to Z about the Honor 70.

Currently on sale for 13 thousand liras Honor 70 there is. Do not be intimidated by 13 thousand liras, unfortunately, this price is now in the middle segment. at Honor 70 in the middle segmentIt is one of the smartphones in the world, but it contains features that will challenge the flagships with its presentation style and features.

As long as we examined the Honor 70, we can say that we really had a hard time filling the “minus” section. When we look at the 13 thousand lira price tag, there are definitely different alternatives, but when we evaluate it in itself, we have to say that it is a model with really nice features. Of course, the phone could have a telephoto lens, wireless charging or stereo speakers. These are absent on the Honor 70. Also, IP protection and Gorilla Glass protection are not available.

Fortunately, the good news: The phone comes with a protective band on the screen, a silicone case in the box and also a 66W charger.

So, what does the Honor 70 offer? In this section, we take a quick look.

The Honor 70 is basically a competitive mid-range phone, but it feels more like a flagship phone than many of the other phones we’ve seen at this price. It shows this especially with its design.

The phone has an eye-catching design with both a reflective diamond pattern and a back face that has a glittering effect. It also consists of a curved-edge screen that you rarely see on non-premium phones. This gives the phone a premium look and makes it comfortable to hold.

The screen is as attractive as the design of the phone. In addition, the device has an impressive battery life. This is one of the highlights of the Honor 70 as we are used to seeing value phones with disappointing battery life in this segment. Anyway, Honor 70 is one of the most assertive models of the brand. Let’s start a more detailed step-by-step evaluation now.

How is Honor 70 Design?

The Honor 70 feels like a premium phone both when viewed and held, which gives the Honor 70 a plus when we consider that many value phones don’t feel premium. It’s the smoothest, closest priced Samsung Galaxy It is possible to understand when you look at the models. Samsung’s ” glassticThe plastic material he named ” is one of the most pleasant examples.

The back surface of the Honor 70 consists of glassware. The art face has a reflective diamond look and a shimmering glitter finish. Thus, it looks very popular. The camera block, which is in the form of 2 other circles on it, also adds a different atmosphere to the phone.

Another point that contributes to the design of the phone is the curved edge screen. This design feature, which used to be fashionable in high-end smartphones but started to lose its popularity, makes the phone comfortable to hold in the hand. However, it is also a fact that the possibility of shattering the screen is higher when you drop it at the same time. That’s why you have to be careful. You can also use it with the silicone cover that comes out of the box to provide protection.

Apart from these, the Honor 70 is a very thin and light model. with curved lines 7.9mmphone that feels thinner than 178 gramsin the scale.

On the right edge of the phone are the power button and volume rocker, both of which can be easily reached with one hand. On the phone 3.5mm headphone jack no, this may bother some users. The fingerprint sensor is embedded in the screen, it’s in the middle. This sensor worked perfectly in our tests; It’s easy to reach and unlocks the phone securely when you touch it.

Display Features

Honor 70 has a big screen. Screen 6.67 inchessized OLED consists of a panel. The refresh rate of this screen, which produces 1080×2400 pixels, that is, FHD + resolution, is 120Hz; that is, the image is updated 120 times per second, which is something we see becoming a standard on high-end phones.

The screen looks attractive as it is nice and bright with sufficient contrast and strong colours. Whether you’re playing games, watching videos, or just traveling on Instagram, you’ll find the device offers a beautiful viewing experience. The fact that the panel is OLED and that it has HDR10+ reinforcement are other plus points.

How Are The Cameras?

One of the most striking aspects of the Honor 70 is the camera block. phone main camera 54MP Sony IMX800 consists of sensors. The IMX800, a new camera sensor manufactured by Sony, is quite large. The advantage of this sensor is that it is quite large and allows more light to enter for photos; this results in brighter and more colorful snapshots. Honor’s artificial intelligence processing also helps in this regard.

Photos taken with the Honor 70 look very nice. Photos are especially vivid and bright in well-lit environments, but just as much in dark environments. As you can see in the photo examples, the AI ​​engine seems to work a little too hard at times to saturate the images. But that doesn’t always go unnoticed, and in fact, this type of snapshot is exactly what Instagram demands. So if you give importance to social media shares, you can get whatever you want from Honor 70.

It can also be used as a macro camera to the main camera. 50MP f/2.2 ultra-wide accompanied by a camera. Honor finally used it last year 2MP macro assist camera He made a reasonable decision to leave. Thus, both the wide-angle camera and the macro shot are melted in the same pot. When you want to shoot macro, it is enough to switch to Superior Macro mode from the camera interface.

2x optical zoom We can do it, but admittedly the 2x zoom samples aren’t telephoto quality, but they look pretty decent under unfailing lighting conditions. Up to 10x digital zoom is also available. However, photos taken in this range will be quite grainy. This is the most glaring point in the camera block.

Honor has offered an extra camera mode to provide versatility to camera usage. Having more than one phone Portrait, Macro, Pro and NightIn addition to the Aperture, which allows you to manually change the focus, there is also the Aperture. When we look at the image side, we see that it is possible to record up to 4K with the rear camera and Full HD with the front camera.

On the front camera, it looks no different from last year’s model. 32MP It has a lens. The photos taken look very good overall. Without closing the camera issue, we can say that we find the camera performance very impressive in general terms.

How’s the Performance?

So, how is the performance of the Honor 70? The processor that powers the phone Snapdragon 788G Plus . While this is a slightly improved version of the model used in the Honor 50, it’s a chipset we’ve seen in a few mid-range phones before.

When it comes to mid-range chipsets, we can say that the Snapdragon 788G Plus is one of the most powerful processors you can get without spending money on a high-end phone. We have never had a problem with the 700 series processors until today, and this is exactly the case here.

We found it quite fast in the time we used and we did not encounter any application crashes or hangs. While playing heavy games, the phone performed well without any noticeable lag or glitch. It’s a very flawless processor. In this case, when we evaluate it according to its price, it is pleasing to see that high performance can be obtained without incurring higher costs. separately on the phone 8GB RAM and 256GB storage exists. There is also no microSD card slot. But essentially filling up 256 GB will not be easy either.

On the other hand, on the phone 5G support available. In other words, if the 5G portable network becomes available in our country, you will be able to benefit from it with this phone.

When we come to the software side, Honor shows Google support on its phones, unlike its previous company Huawei. well Google Play app market you can access directly. On the phone Android 12 operating system It works, and MagicUI 6.1 is used as the interface. If you have used an Android phone before, you will not have any problems.

How Long is the Battery Life?

Finally, let’s talk about the battery life of the phone. Honor 70’s battery 4800mAh in size. That’s a really satisfying capacity. The phone demonstrates this in practice as well. This battery offers a comfortable day-to-day use as long as you don’t force it too much. With a single charge, the phone can offer more than 18 web pages or 19 hours of viewing time. More valuable with this side Samsung Galaxy S21 FE’ It even gives a smoother performance than You can count on the battery.

The charging face is also pretty good. It comes with a 66W charger and can charge up to 70 percent in about 30 minutes. The battery is fully charged in 50 minutes. But as we said at the beginning, there is no wireless charging feature on the phone.


Yes, as a result, the Honor 70 is a model that draws attention with its distinctive and eye-catching art design. Especially in the camera, processor and design parts, it shows good features compared to its price. Despite being a mid-range model, in many ways it feels like a premium phone. Of course, there are also the cons that we mentioned, but these are exactly what you would expect from a mid-range phone. While its cameras aren’t comparable to the most capable camera phones on the market, it’s in the middle of the best for social media-ready photos for the price. Price 13 thousand TL . If you are looking for a phone in this price line, you can include it in the middle of your options.