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How adequate are Apple’s own iPhone cases? Are these covers worth the money?

You may have heard a lot about Apple’s own iPhone cases. Okay, but do these cases deserve the high asking price? Should you get Apple’s iPhone cases?

a new iPhone It’s always a good idea to take a case with it when you get one. Because accidents can happen and your new iPhone, worth thousands of dollars, may fall to the ground and shatter. If you’re buying your phone from an Apple store or, the company will also show you their case when you pay. But it is probably better to ignore them. All right, but why?

Are Apple’s iPhone cases worth the money?

While the price of your iPhone may exceed 30,000 TL, the money you will spend on the case seems like a small additional expense, but it is actually very valuable compared to the alternatives. Apple has 3 medical cases for its iPhones: clear, silicone and leather, and it’s debatable whether they’re worth the money.

For example, the price of a transparent case with MagSafe for the iPhone 14 is over 1,000 TL. When you give that much, you naturally want a high-quality case that will last a long time. But in many of these works this is not the case. According to many user reports, the transparent case tends to crack at the edges, the silicone case breaks very easily and the leather case may start to show unsystematic wear after a while.

If you need to buy an Apple case, the leather case seems to have better user reviews on the internet (though again, it’s probably not the best leather case for your iPhone). However, leather covers require a little more maintenance and may not be ideal for everyone and can look dirty or old quite quickly. In both cases, with a little research on the internet, you can find alternative iPhone cases that are cheaper and/or better than Apple’s own options.

What are your options if you don’t want to use a cover?

When using your iPhone without a case, the chance of cosmetic damage is pretty high, and a nice case can significantly reduce that possibility. But if you absolutely hate using covers, you should consider purchasing an insurance plan. That way, if your phone is accidentally damaged, you can avoid being alone with it to some extent.