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How many years will Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 series receive an update boost?

Samsung has now introduced the Galaxy S23 series. Alright, but for how many years will the 3 new Galaxy S23 models get a software boost? The answer to this question was obvious.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 series will come out of the box with Android 13 and a new version of One UI. After Google’s rollout, it can be expected to get Android 14 before the end of the year. Okay, but how many artifacts will the Galaxy S23 receive during its lifetime?

As it will be remembered, the company has recently not only offered firmware updates before other manufacturers, but also expanded its reinforcement policy for models to include four operating system upgrades.

The new Galaxy S23 series also follows this policy. So, we can expect the trio of 2023 flagships to reach Android 17 at the end of the road. In other words, the series will receive 4 major Android updates.

If you don’t care about the long-term firmware foundation and you upgrade your Samsung device every year, the Galaxy S23 series comes with several improvements over the 2022 models. It’s shortlisted for faster storage and RAM, a Snapdragon chipset wherever you are in the world, the first 200 MP ISOCELL sensor (for the Galaxy S23 Ultra), better low-light photography, a brighter display, and an updated exterior design.

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