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How much do iOS developers earn? Apple announced!

With its report for 2022, Apple revealed the total earnings of App Store developers.

The App Store, which is the application store for the devices released by Apple, contains millions of applications and games in its library. With its report updated today, the company revealed the total number of subscribers of Apple services in 2022 and the earnings of App Store developers since the past.

Record earnings from App Store developers!

Apple released a remarkable report today showing company statistics. So much so that when we look at this report, we see that the technology giant currently has more than 900 million subscribers on all Apple services.

According to the information in the report, all developers who have published applications and games on the App Store since 2008 have earned a total of 320 billion dollars. Apple emphasized that the number of subscribers in the app store alone accounts for a significant portion of subscriptions in all Apple services.

Apple announced that 650 million users from 175 countries worldwide have logged into the App Store. In the shared figure, it is worth noting that Apex Legends, which was offered to players in 2022, and BeReal, which was chosen by Apple as the app of the year, made a significant contribution.

Apple Music is home to over 100 million songs

Apple Music was also included in the report published by Apple. The company announced that the application hosts more than 100 million songs in total, with songs added in 2022. It was also emphasized that there was a threefold increase in the total number of listeners. Other data for 2022 are as follows;

  • 300 awards and 1,305 nominations for productions on the Apple TV+ service.
  • More than 250 million in-game achievements from Apple Arcade games.
  • Added 3,500 new exercises and meditations for Apple Fitness+.
  • 3,000 new audio news for Apple News+.
  • iCloud accounts using two-factor authentication rose 95 percent.

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