How much gas does Germany have left in stock this winter?

The Association of Gas Storage System Operators in Germany (INES) announced in its report that Germany has enough natural gas reserves to survive this winter.

The INES report stated that even if an “extreme” cold wave hits Germany, the country has sufficient natural gas reserves to survive this winter.

According to the report published by INES, it was noted that the stocks were sufficient to meet the demand in January and February and should be replenished in April.

According to the INES research, even if import volumes of liquefied natural gas fall or Russia cuts gas altogether, it will be possible to “largely” fill up gas storage areas in Germany before the winter of 2023-2024.

INES Leader Sebastian Bleschke said in a statement on the subject, “There is no longer any reason to fear the gas crisis. Germany will survive the winter properly if current consumption savings continue.” said.

In the statement, which stated that the reservoirs in Germany are currently 91 percent full, it was noted that the mild weather has restrained the demand in recent days and therefore the reserve has increased. According to weather forecasts, temperatures in northwestern Europe will remain close to normal next week.