How much salary increase is expected in which department? Here are the assumptions…

The minimum price was 8 thousand 506 TL, an increase of almost 100 percent compared to the previous year. It remains unclear how much wages will rise in many segments. According to a study covering the largest 500 companies, an increase in prices in the middle of 60-65 percent is predicted for white-collar workers in 2023.

Ayçe Tarcan Aksakal from Capital Magazine According to the news of , 2022 went down in history as an extraordinary year in terms of prices, and all predictions and assumptions were turned upside down. Due to the rapid rise in inflation and changes in purchasing power, many companies have implemented practices that support their employees and medium increases before the planned increase period arrives. As a result, it was seen that companies in all segments made price adjustments 2, 3 or even 4 times a year.

In 2023, the base price was determined as 8 thousand 506 TL, an increase of 100 percent compared to the previous year. The increase in civil servants and retirees was 30 percent for this year.

How the new base price will affect the prices of white-collar workers this year is one of the most curious issues. Because the increase in the base price cannot be reflected to other levels at the same rate. Increase rates decrease as you go from floor to ceiling.

However, this year, despite everything, the expectation for an increase in the special section is high. Despite this, there are widespread concerns that the rate of increase will remain lower than the base price increase rate and the inflation level.

Turkey’s top 500 companies The 2023 price survey covering the last 2 years points to valuable changes. On the one hand, there is an uncertainty about the increase even in the largest companies, on the other hand, the increase in the increase rates compared to 2022 draws attention.

In 2022, the total price increase in the special section, together with the medium increases, was in the band of 40-65 percent on average. However, there were also those who made a salary increase of more than 100 percent in the fields of e-commerce and technology. This year, the increase rates are below the inflation rate. According to Mercer 2023 Price and Benefits Survey, in which 489 companies participated, the total price increase expected by companies to their employees in 2023 is 61 percent.

Saying that inflation increased the expectation of price increases on the employee’s side, Mercer Turkey CEO Dinçer Güley says, “While high inflation and increases in minimum prices move the price level of new graduates upwards, we see that there are no similar increases in senior roles in the organization.”

Scissors are shrinking

According to the news, the increase in the minimum price cannot be reflected to other levels at a real rate. Blue-collar and entry-level price increases are far higher than executives’ rates. This situation causes the price gap between the new graduate and the general manager to narrow. Mercer’s research also shows that the price gap between new graduates and general managers has narrowed in Turkey. While there was a 16-fold difference in the middle of the general manager and the new graduate in 2021, the price difference in the middle has decreased to 14 times today.


According to Mercer 2023 Price and Benefits Survey, the highest price increase this year is expected to be in the automotive segment with 70.5 percent. Power, manufacturing, automotive supply industry, mining and metals, logistics and financial services are the branches that will have the highest increase rates after the automotive industry. In all of these branches, increase rates are expected above 65 percent. Stating that price increases will be higher in informatics, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, fast-moving consumption, banking, automotive, power, food, medicine and production branches.Ayşen Arıduru, Founder of Fortune Consulting, says, “Price increases will be lower in tourism, insurance, health, construction, education, connection and service branches.”


The number of companies that pay salaries to candidates in critical positions such as IT, technology, administration, company valuation, crypto and fintech is increasing. Those who do not provide foreign currency index their salaries to Euro or dollar exchange rates.


Doğan Holding Deputy HR Leader Şebnem Bezmen states that with the EYT’s coming to the agenda this year, different applications will be introduced for employees with high potential and performance, especially those working in critical roles. Bezmen says that “EYT may cause different fringe benefits and price management processes” and states that paying higher prices or managing health plans in a different way may be the subject of words so that these employees do not retire. Stating that the competitive labor market and high inflation made it necessary for the bosses to rethink the price and fringe benefits in order not only to attract talents to their own schemes, but also to keep them at the same time, Bezmen said, “With the pandemic, the fringe benefits provided to employees began to be built on the emotional, social and financial health of the employee, and We think this approach will continue.”


On the other hand, while employees are waiting for the increase rates to be reflected in their January salaries, new salaries have been announced in some banks.

İşbank administration increased its employees by an average of 51.28 percent for 2023. In addition, 2000 TL Maxi Points given to employees monthly were increased to 3285 TL. Thus, the increase rate reached 67 percent.

While the bank increased the price of food to 128 liras per day, it increased the salary of its lowest employee to 18 thousand liras with side payments.

Öz Finans-İş Union General Leader Ahmet Eroğlu also stated that the prices of employees in Ziraat, Halk and Ziraat Participation banks were increased by 55 percent.

The salaries and increment assumptions by industry are as follows:


(500 big companies, monthly net, TL)
Position 2023
top management Minimum Maximum
chairman of the board of directors 115,000 435,000
Management council member 45,000 250,000
General manager 76,000 350,000
Deputy general manager 58,500 170,000
Human Resources
Human Resources Senior Manager 50,000 140,000
Director of human resources 32,500 75,000
talent development manager 24,500 45,000
Human resources specialist 14,000 27,500
Quality manager 15,000 37,000
payroll specialist 12,500 25,500
information process
information technology director 57,000 200,000
Information process manager 35,500 110,000
Senior system programmer 32,500 75,000
analyst programmer 23,000 60,000
systems analyst 19,500 57,500
network engineer 19,000 48,500
PC boost manager 15,000 35,000
system operator 14,500 30,000
technical support operator 13,000 27,000
Sales director 45,000 190,000
Sales Manager 27,500 122,500
Regional sales manager 24,500 74,500
Sales representative/manager 14,500 44,000
telesales operator 10,000 22,500
marketing director 54,000 145,000
product cluster manager 33,000 90,000
Product manager 21,000 65,000
public relations manager 21,000 52,500
customer relations manager 20,000 48,000
Marketing research specialist 14,250 34,500
public relations specialist 14,250 29,500
Legal & Administrative Affairs
Legal advisers 35,150 160,000
senior lawyer 24,000 65,000
Lawyer 16,500 24,500
Administrative affairs manager 21,000 37,500
administrative affairs manager 18,000 27,500
Administrative affairs specialist 11,500 18,500
building manager 12,500 19,000
building management specialist 10,500 16,000
Financial Director 45,000 160,000
Finance director 35,000 75,000
Accounting Manager 32,500 55,000
Budget control manager 22,500 44,500
budget specialist 17,500 27,500
financial analyst 22,500 35,000
chief accountant 20,000 32,500
accounting specialist 13,000 25,000
accounting staff 10,000 15,000
Purchasing and logistics
Purchasing and logistics director 37,500 120,000
Purchasing manager 18,500 48,500
purchasing officer 14,500 32,500
logistics officer 12,500 27,500
import specialist 12,500 22,500
production director 43,500 110,000
Factory manager 38,000 97,500
Production manager 25,500 67,500
Quality manager 18,500 45,000
production chief 14,500 35,000
Industrial engineer 12,500 27,500
production planning specialist 12,500 25,000

Source:It was created to reflect the prices of Turkey’s largest 500 companies, taking into account the data of HR companies and Capital’s research.


What awaits new recruits? (Monthly net salary, TL)
By education Minimum (%) Maximum (%)
University 11,500 17,000
Degree 14,500 24,500
Doctorate 16,000 27,500

Note:Fees are calculated considering Turkey’s 500 largest companies


Prices by sector (monthly net, TL)
Textile -Export 2023 minimum 2023 maximum
General manager 48,000 192,000
Deputy general manager 37,500 72,000
Manager 18,000 45,000
Expert 10,000 21,000
General manager 150,000 387,500
Deputy general manager 97,500 167,500
Manager 31,500 85,000
Branch manager 24,750 55,000
Expert 11.250 22.000
General manager 57,000 135,000
creative director 42,000 102,000
art director 35,000 91,000
Customer relations director 33,000 68,000
General manager 107,000 330,000
Deputy general manager 78,000 165,000
Manager 32,000 85,000
Expert 15,500 35,000
Sales Representative 12,500 21,000
General manager 63,000 185,000
Deputy general manager 37,500 102,500
Manager 19,500 45,500
store manager 18,000 31,500
Expert 10,000 17,500
General manager 40,500 135,000
Deputy general manager 33,000 87,500
Manager 18,750 44,500
Expert 12,000 23,500
Fast consuming
General manager 64,500 210,000
Deputy general manager 39,000 92,000
Manager 20,250 56,000
Expert 11,000 26,500
General manager 82,500 280,000
Deputy general manager 38,250 201,250
Manager 24,000 119,000
Expert 12,000 41.125
General manager 81,000 297,500
Deputy general manager 47,250 145,000
Manager 30,000 95,000
Expert 12,000 42,000
General manager 87,000 253,750
Deputy general manager 62,250 152,250
Manager 27,000 82,000
Engineer 16,500 35,000
Expert 12,500 33,250
General manager 47,250 202,500
Deputy general manager 37,500 97,500
Project Manager 22,500 85,000
Expert 12,500 37,500
private health
General manager 61,500 237,500
Deputy general manager 51,750 140,000
Manager 26,250 87,500
Specialist 23,500 95,000
Expert 12,500 33,500

Note:The wages were calculated by taking into consideration the 500 largest companies in Turkey.
Source:It was created by taking into account the information of HR companies and the research of Capital.


Minimum-maximum increment rate forecast in 14 segments for 2023
Sector Minimum (%) Maximum (%)
IT-internet 32.5 67.0
Medicine and health 29.5 59.0
Fast consuming 33.5 66.5
Textile 17.5 44.5
food 35.0 66.5
consultancy 28.5 55.0
Energy 34.0 67.5
Production 29.0 60.5
Logistics 27.0 55.0
Banking 36.0 67.5
Automotive 25.0 57.5
construction-real estate 17.5 51.5
Insurance 34.0 62.5
Tourism 25.0 55.5
Source: Datassist


Automotive Main Industry 70.5
Energy 68.6
Production 67.3
Automotive Supply Industry 67.1
Mining & Metal 66.8
Logistics 66.3
Financial Services 65.4
Technology 62.5
Insurance 61.2
Chemical 60.3
holdings 57.8
Consumer Products 57.2
Retail 56.8
Source: Mercer