How to play in the browser without the need for a brand new Counter-Strike setup?

You can play the original Counter-Strike in your browser in a completely free form, with no council and no payment required. Moreover, as multiplayer…

Counter-Strike is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable first-person shooters ever developed. The game managed to become a real hit at LAN parties and is still played in races today.

Of course, all this travel started with the brand new Counter-Strike released. And now, you can play this classic directly in your browser, with no random installation process required.

Many games that required high hardware features at that time can now be played even on old office computers. The hardware has become more and more advanced, so we can play the hardware monster games of the past years without any problems, even on ordinary computers of a few years ago.

But the Counter-Strike we’re talking about works directly in the browser, so you don’t even need a setup. this linktakes you directly to the web application, which is home to more than 1,000 active players, mostly online.

Pure nostalgia: Original Counter-Strike in the browser

When you open the website, you will first be greeted by a page that looks very confusing. Here you can see the available servers and various filters.

Choose which countries you want to connect to. There are many servers in many countries. There is also a filter according to the game mode.

Click “Start game” after server selection. In the middle column you can see if the server is full – the number of participants is limited to 20 in each variant.

A small note: Some servers have a level of ingenuity. So you can join these servers only if you have proven yourself.