Huge partnership from Samsung, Google and Qualcomm! XR glasses on the way

Samsung has announced that it has partnered with Qualcomm and Google to develop XR glasses. However, no actual product has been announced yet.

Samsung, Google and Qualcomm has formed a new partnership to develop an augmented reality (XR) product. Speaking at the Unpacked 2023 event, a Samsung official stated that the company is working on XR technology and is “not too far” from the product launch.

Samsung takes the first step for Qualcomm and Google XR glasses

The new partnership with Qualcomm and Google reveals Samsung’s goals for virtual reality glasses. Samsung’s new glasses will feature a Qualcomm chip designed to power the XR glasses and will also come with a special version of Android.

It should be reminded that Qualcomm is not far from AR and VR glasses. The company has recently built on 4nm architecture specifically for AR glasses. Snapdragon AR2 Gen 1 announced the. The features of the chip to be used in the Samsung XR glasses are currently unclear.

Speaking at the Unpacked 2023 event, the Google official used the term “much more immersive computing” instead of XR glasses. “We are excited to work with our partners to create the next generation of immersive computing experiences that will further elevate what users can do with Google,” he said.

Let me remind you that there is no official information for Samsung’s XR glasses. However, the partnership with Qualcomm and Google shows that the company wants to enter this sector in the near future.

What is XR You may be wondering. XR technology, which includes virtual, augmented and mixed reality, creates an environment where you can interact with the real world. This technology aims to provide a more immersive use for the user by blending the digital and physical worlds.

Representative XR product

Android Senior Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer and Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon showed up at the end of Unpacked 2023 to talk about the partnership. Lockheimer; ARCore drew attention to Google Maps and Google Lens search. He also reminded that they are collaborating with Samsung for Google Meet, Messages, Wear OS and large-screen Android devices.