HyperX Clutch Review

HyperX Clutch controller is a game controller developed for both Android and PC gamers. Well, what does it offer for its 1200 TL price? Here’s what you want to know about HyperX Clutch.

Now the truth is true. OK PCs can be very powerful, RTX 40 series It can provide high-level visuals in games with video cards, but unfortunately, they are far from offering the comfort of a console when it comes to games. This is the best game console Those who have used it and those who have tasted this comfort will know. It is such a pleasure to sprawl on the sofa or armchair and play games. Oh, let’s not dishonor the PCs anymore; the controllers of the game consoles cannot give the feeling of control provided by the keyboard and mouse at the PC; Of course, let’s separate those that can fully adapt to the controller. If you ask me, I prefer comfort to a sense of control. Because I am always at the desk while working during the day. If you think like me HyperX Clutch a device that will give you this convenience. When it comes to portability, versatility and convenience, we think those who always choose controllers as their first choice will be quite happy with the HyperX Clutch controller.

First of all, let’s start with the function of this device. Now this device BluetoothYou can connect it to a phone via 2.4GHz dongle Or you can connect it to your computer via cable. The cable is also in the box. It also has a nice device for the phone. You attach this bracket to the front of the device. You attach this stand by inserting it into the slot on the top of the controller. It’s up to us to attach it to the top of the controller. gameboy Let’s also say that it reminds . to insert a cartridge. It resembles it exactly with the click sound heard when it is seated. It feels extremely believable once connected and has an expandable part and a foldable hinge that can quickly fit any phone of any size. iOS support no, let’s say that in the middle. When you use it with your computer, you can contact the 2.4 GHz dongle or the cable.

On the portable side, it offers great wireless gaming with low latency. No noticeable input lag, hassle free plug and play feature working with. In cases where you use it with a phone, you do not need to hold the phone on the remote in this form. This apparatus can also work as a stand.

With HyperX Clutch, we spent most of our time on portable games, but we also had the opportunity to try it on PC. We can say that it is very comfortable in terms of use and ergonomics. In fast-paced games, the controller works extremely sensitively. The analogues have an angled tab designed to hold your fingers in place during gameplay, making them considerably easier to press. Triggers also work fast, applying little resistance. The shoulder buttons on the snap are also relatively small and easy to press.

HyperX Clutch is inherently Xbox Series Controller , but the softer rubber edges add an extra layer of comfort to it. Harder pointed protrusions on the thumb-touching analog sticks provide a smoother feel of control. On the other hand, while we like the feel of the triggers and shoulder buttons on the Clutch, we would have preferred them to be a little softer. On the other hand, it should be said that we find the remote a little light and it feels relatively plastic. scale 270 gramsuntil.

In addition to the start and select buttons on the front of the remote, Turbo and Clear has keys. The Turbo button here is a real boon that we don’t always see on devices like this. You use this key to handle repeated button presses in one go. When you press Turbo and then the button you choose, the controller activates this button for you over and over again. So we can say that you are throwing a kind of macro. The Clear button also serves to stop the Turbo function.

The circular Home button on the front of the controller is used to wake the controller from sleep mode or put it in Bluetooth pairing mode. Also at the bottom USB, wireless or Bluetooth contact modesThere is a small switch in the middle to switch.

Battery life is also very good. Device on a single charge Up to 19 hours of continuous playtime It has a rechargeable 600mAh lithium-ion battery that can In the box is a USB-C cable to connect to your computer for charging or wired gaming. Let’s also mention that during our tests, we found that the battery life is more than enough for you to play games all day long. It is customary that if you are playing games for 20 hours nonstop, it is the other. Then you will need to charge it in the middle.


Yes, in conclusion, for those looking for a dual-purpose controller who wants to play games on Android phone and PC, HyperX Clutch will definitely meet their requirements. Along with a sturdy, foldable phone clip that can also be used as a tabletop stand, it’s great to have a 19-hour rechargeable battery and Bluetooth for all-day portable gaming. The lack of iOS support will upset iPhone and iPad owners, but this device was developed for Android users and PC and does its job very well. If you are looking for such a device, we can say that it is one of the models you should first examine. on the market now 1200 TLYou can find it for a price of approx.