Iceberg Capital Launches $1 Billion Fund with Venom Foundation

The Venom Foundation and Iceberg Capital have launched the $1 billion Venom Ventures Fund to invest in innovative Web3 companies.

Venom Foundationand Iceberg Capital, innovative Web3to invest in companies 1 billiondollar Venom Ventures Fundstarted it.

Abu Dhabi Global Market ( ADGM), the first Layer-1 blockchain licensed and regulated by Venom foundationand ADGMan investment manager organized by iceberg capital, Venom Ventures Fund ( VVF) officially announced that they have formed a partnership to launch a $1 billion venture fund. Fundinnovative using blockchain technology Web3will focus on companies.

Venom Foundation and Iceberg Capital on Stage with $1 Billion Funding

Venom foundationand iceberg capital, jointly established by the Venom Ventures Fund ( VVF) on stage.

blockchaintechnology-independent fund, payments, presence management, DeFi, banking servicesand GameFifocusing on long-term trends such as innovatorto protocols and DAppwill invest in. Partnershipaims to be the leading supporter of new generation digital technologies and entrepreneurs.

Venom Ventures Fund ( VVF ) will leverage Iceberg Capital’s network, expertise and capabilities to deliver incubation programs and provide access to an extensive industry network. It will also assist invested projects in marketing, stock listing, technical, legal and regulatory support.

Venom Ventures Fund Has a Strong Structure

Fund leadership team BlackRock‘s old CIO‘this Peter Knezand MENAan experienced and recognized investment professional with an impressive track record in the region. Mustapha KheribaIt consists of the world’s most experienced traditional finance and blockchain professionals, including Mustafa, Middle Eastand Europevarious financial services and insurance companies in Management on their boardsserved.

Iceberg Capitalfund run by pre-seed Series A will invest in projects and teams until their tours. While generating long-term value for investors, blockchain DeFiand Web3It will try to accelerate the adoption of .

Commenting on the subject Mustafa cheriba, said:

“We are excited to partner with the Venom Foundation and launch their new $1 billion fund. While the blockchain industry is witnessing a drastic correction in prices, we believe builders will continue to build and innovate. With Venom Ventures, we will provide financial, technical and marketing support to the most promising teams and projects in Web3 to help them bring their visions to life.”

Abu Dhabi Global Market, the organizer of organizations ( ADGM), provides its participants with a world-class legal and regulatory system. ADGMstands out as an international financial center and free zone. ADGMThis fund, created by the organizations organized by , will be transparent and adhere to the regulations.

Sharing his views on the subject Venom VenturesChairman of the Board Peter Knez, said:

Abu Dhabinew in Attempt capital I am delighted to be a part of the launch of our fund. I am excited to work with a team of experienced investment professionals and talented people from the crypto industry, and we are ready to allocate strategic investments to the most innovative Web3 start-ups ready for mass adoption. Our mission is to transform digital asset management and make a lasting impact on the industry. Venom is the ideal platform for us to achieve this goal.”

Venom Ventures Fund Leads $20M Funding to Numi Metaverse

Venom Ventures Fund ( VVF), Numi metaverse He completed his first investment by leading the 20 million dollar financing round of . A universal platform for creators, innovators and followers. Numi Metaverse, VVFreceived strong support from

Numi Metaverseis a mini-game experience with a number of special rewards for players. Visual Novel It plans to launch in 2023. The project is also due by the end of this year. VR metaversei and 2024 It will also release PC and mobile versions in . Numi investment also opened the door to the investment strategy of the fund.

What is Venom Foundation and Iceberg Capital?

Venom Foundation stands out as the world’s first regulated blockchain. The decentralized network, Abu Dhabi Global Market ( ADGM) and with a license to issue service tokens. ADGM holds potential for investors and financial services, positioning Venom as the world’s first compatible blockchain. This positioning gives authorities and businesses the freedom to build, innovate and scale.

On-premises by various companies on the Venom blockchain DApp A portfolio of ‘s and protocols has been developed. Currently worldwide CBDCIt embodies the goal of being a bridge for the adoption of .

On the other hand iceberg capitalattracted attention as a rapidly growing alternative asset management company. iceberg capital encompasses a very broad spectrum. This spectrum stands out as traditional asset management, securities and blockchain technology. iceberg capitalalso ADGMIt is organized as a centered investment manager.