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Icon change feature is coming to Android 13!

In the new beta version of Android 13, the application icons on the phones can be collected in a single color in accordance with the theme.

Android 13 QPR2 beta version includes new features of the operating system. New features and emojis introduced with Android 13 are currently being tested on Google Pixel phones. A new feature offered in the beta version seems to excite Android users.

Hidden feature in the beta version of Android 13 revealed

Looking at the new patch notes released by Google, it can be thought that it is a version that only fixes some problems in the first place. But Android expert Mashaal Rahman detailed the entire beta in a long Twitter thread and revealed the remarkable feature.

It turned out that Android is hosting a feature in the new beta version that will excite many users. While reviewing the new patch, Mashaal Rahman revealed app icons that reflect the Material You theme on Pixel phones.

According to the sharing, application icons on Android phones will be collected in a single color in accordance with the theme. Thus, the application icons will have a single appearance and a much better harmony will be achieved on the homepage.

According to Rahman’s statement, the icon replacement feature that appeared in the Android 13 beta is disabled by default. For this reason, beta users need to make changes to their phone settings in order to use icon customization.

When this feature is activated, all icons, including third-party applications, have a single appearance. It is not yet known whether this feature will be supported by application developers. If some companies do not support this system, a strange image may appear in the original and theme-appropriate application pool.

The fate of this feature, which is expected to be offered to Pixel users in the first place, on other Android phones is not yet known. So what do you think about the icon change feature on Android? You can share your views with us in the comments section.