İMEAK/Flag: Mersin port is calm, containers are waiting idle

IMEAK Chamber of Shipping Assembly Leader Başaran Bayrak said that the shipping was very calm at Mersin port and empty containers were waiting.

Başaran Bayrak, Assembly Leader of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping, drew attention to the loss of momentum in shipping activities at Mersin port.

Başaran, who participated in the Bloomberg HT broadcast, underlined that the transportation in Mersin is very calm and stated that there was a decrease of 4 million tons in capacity compared to the same period last year.

The prominent phrases of the flag were as follows:

“According to our new research, 33 ships are waiting in the open. 17 of them are container ships. When we look at the reasons for this, we can say the following. Mersin is a valuable fruit and vegetable export port. There is a decrease in fruit and vegetable production and exports. For this reason, for example, 100 trucks of apples were exported per day, but nowadays this has decreased to 20-30 trucks. One of the reasons for this decrease in capacity is the decline in Gaziantep’s carpet exports. A valuable part of the carpet exports from this province were loaded into containers from Mersin and went to America, in particular. Here, too, there is a significant capacity decline.”