IMF expects real world economy to recover by year’s end

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Leader Kristalina Georgieva predicted that global economic growth will actually start to recover by the end of this year.

Georgieva made evaluations about the global economy at the press conference she held.

Stating that the recent declines in global growth may be coming to an end, Georgieva expressed her optimism that economic growth could accelerate next year.

Pointing out that the storm clouds over the world economy may soon dissipate, Georgieva said, “We think we are out of the bottom.” said.

Stating that the IMF is not expected to lower its 2.7 percent growth assumption for 2023, Georgieva said, “The end of 2023 is correct, we hope that in 2024 we will see the real trend return to a higher growth path.” he used his word.

Pointing out that it will still be a troubled year and the global economy continues to be fragile, Georgieva said that inflation remains stubbornly high and the cost of living crisis is not over.

IMF Leader optimistic that US can avoid recession this year

Stating that it is impossible to predict what crisis awaits the world, Georgieva said that it is especially difficult to predict the outcome of Russia’s war in Ukraine, and it remains unclear how resilient the labor markets will remain in the face of rising interest rates.

Stating that a worldwide recession could be avoided if the restrictions on the Kovid-19 outbreak in China continue to be eased and Russia’s war in Ukraine does not worsen, Georgieva stated that there is growing evidence that the US economy can avoid a recession this year, even if a recession does occur, Georgieva said. He promised it would be light.

IMF Leader Georgieva noted that US labor markets are resilient and consumer demand remains strong despite inflation and interest rate hikes for effort.