In the Official Gazette today (28.01.2023)

Regulations, circulars and notifications published in the Official Gazette…

7434 Law Amending the Law on Regulation of Public Finance and Debt Management
–– Presidential Decree Amending the Presidential Decree on the Organization of the Presidency (Decree Number: 118)
–– Presidential Decree Concerning the Creation of Teams for Certain Public Institutions and Organizations (Decree Number: 119)
–– Decision of the Treasury to Participate in the Participation Finance Bail Joint Stock Company (Decision Number: 6772)
–– Decision on Supporting the Enabling Use of Agricultural Lands (Decision Number: 6773)
–– Originals Regarding the Deductions to be Made from the Shares to be Allocated from the Total of General Budget Tax Revenues Collection Against the Debts of Metropolitan Municipalities, Special Provincial Administrations, Municipalities and Their Affiliates (Decision Number: 6774)
–– Decision on the Determination of the Base Amount for Refund of the Value Added Tax and the Enforcement of the Supplementary Decision Regarding the Amendment of the Decree of the President dated 6/2/2019 and numbered 718 (Decision Number: 6775)
–– Decision to Amend the Import Regime Decision (Decision Number: 6776)
–– Decision on the Enforcement of the Attached Decision Regarding the Grant of Project Based State Aid for the Global Gunpowder Production Facility Investment to be Made in Çorum Province (Decision Number: 6777)
–– Decision by the Ministry of Interior (Gendarmerie General Command and Coastal Security Command) on the Enforcement of the Attached Decision Regarding the Determination of the Cash Limit and Type of Goods or Services that can be Provided in 2023 without a Contract within the scope of the Law dated 30/5/1985 and numbered 3212 (Number of Decisions: 6778)
–– Decisions on Appointments Made by the Presidency (Decision: 2023/49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58)
–– Regulation on the Export and Import of Certain Harmful Chemicals
–– Regulation Amending the Petroleum Market License Regulation
–– Regulation Amending the Regulation on the Implementation of National Markers in the Petroleum Market
–– Regulation Amending the Regulation on Technical Criteria to be Applied in the Petroleum Market
–– Regulation Amending the Regulation on the Controls to be Made in the Petroleum Market and the Methods and Principals to be Followed in Preliminary Research and Investigations
–– Cappadocia Area Presidency Regulation Amending the Regulation on Roads and Foundations Regarding Applications Subject to Price and Prices to be Charged for the Services to be Provided
–– Regulation on Regulating Special Medical Targeted Foods
–– Regulation on the Amendment of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office Worker Promotion and Title Change Regulation
–– Presidential Circular No. 2023/3 on 2053 Transport and Logistics Master Plan
–– Notification Regarding the Implementation of Supervision in Imports (No: 2023/3)
–– Communiqué Amending the Declaration on Packaging and Placing on the Market of Mineral Oils
–– Statement on the Amendment of the Statement on the Printing of Check Books and the Determination of the Extent to which Banks are Obligated to Pay Pregnant (No: 2010/2) (No: 2023/3)
–– Communiqué on Re-determination of Base Equity Measures of Payment and Electronic Money Institutions
–– Decisions of the Power Market Regulatory Committee dated 12/01/2023 and numbered 11561, 11562, 11563, 11564, 11565, 11566
–– Decisions of the Power Market Regulatory Committee dated 26/01/2023 and numbered 11591, 11595, 11596, 11597, 11598, 11599, 11600, 11601, 11602, 11603, 11607
a – Judgment Notices
b – Announcements of Increase, Decrease and Tender
c – Miscellaneous Advertisements
– Exchange Rates Determined by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and Daily Values ​​of Government Domestic Debt Securities