Industrial gas has been discounted

BOTAŞ rates 13.30 percent to 17.22 percent in the wholesale price of gas used by large industrial establishments; made a 16.67 percent discount in gas wholesale sales for electricity generation purposes.

While gas prices decreased in global markets, industrial gas discount came from BOTAŞ.

According to the statement made by BOTAŞ, as of February 1, the wholesale price of gas used by large industrial establishments is between 13.30 and 17.22 percent; A 16.67 percent discount was made for gas wholesale sales aimed at electricity generation.

Based on October 2022, the price of gas used in industry decreased by 24.77 percent and 38.45 percent as of February 1, 2023.

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority had reduced the electricity ceiling price in the free market from 4,200 TL to 3,650 TL. Thus, it was foreseen that the electricity consumption price of industrial establishments that consume over the electricity price sold in the free market would decrease by 12 percent.

In the energy department, after this attack of EMRA, there was an expectation that gas sales for electricity generation would be reduced.